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Princess Diana, Princess Diana:Memory of a Rose,Susan Maxwell Skinner,

©Anwar Hussein

The Girl Who Was a Rose

A seed was gently planted
In England's fertile land;
Its every need was nurtured-
With love and care by hand.

A little sprout began to grow
Its leaves reached to the sky;
Its roots began to deepen-
Its soul began to fly.

The sprout became a lovely rose
Its petals snowy white;
And everybody treasured it-
It shimmered in the light.

The rose, it grew in beauty
Its stalk was tall and green;
A prince, he stopped to pick it-
As in a lovely dream.

He gently touched the lovely rose
He breathed its rare perfume;
 He tucked it in his pocket
He took it to its doom.

He placed it in his palace
For all the world to see;
And all who came to see it
"Wish it belonged to me!"

The rose was sad and lonely;
It only longed to grow;
All who saw it touched it-
They hurt it and didn't know.

The rose it started wilting
Lack of love makes all things die;
It never got to be full bloom-
The rose could only cry.

The rose it tried to run away
As all things captive must;
But all who sought it, crushed it
Ground it into dust.

Its petals blew into the wind
They fluttered in the sky;
And all who loved the gentle rose-
"No don't let it die!"

The petals turned and floated
Into the warm dark night;
They danced into the summer breeze-
They drifted out of sight...

The petals of the lovely rose
Now rests on England's shore;
Its fragrance lingers in the mist
Its song forevermore. ..

Some things are meant to look at
Some things are meant to hold;
Some things are meant to teach us…-
 Its story must be told.

The rose will always be there
Forever, I suppose
The story will remind us
The Girl Who Was a Rose.
Maria Lindberg

Memory of a Rose...

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