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I have always loved books and my most favorite type of books are horror. When I was about 15 i stumbled on these books in my school. There was three of them and they were called THE CIRCLE OF TRUTH , they were written by an author called L.J.SMITH. I was truely taken in by the way she wrote, with such depth and also the things she wrote about. So I searched for more of her books and I found VAMPIRE DIARIES. Then one day I found a set of books called THE NIGHTWORLD, they were truely the most amazing books i had ever read. Later I found that her other books were out of print and very hard to find. Like that stopped me. I serched everywhere I could and I am still searching today and I only need to find two more books. Which are her early books. Lisa Jane Smith is the author of more than twenty books for young adults, including the Nightworld series (Hodder) and the trilogies The Forbidden Game and Dark Visions (Scholastic). Since childhood she has been fascinated by the night and the way the ordinary world changes in moonlight. She lives in Northern California, in a rambling house in a small town. Now i have searched everywhere and for the life of me can not find a photo of her, it would be so nice to put a face to her writing. xxx

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