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On this page is all the books I love. Not as much as L.J.Smith's books but mildly close.

The book I have recently been reading is " The werewolfs kiss" This is a great romantic horror, its so detailed and graphic its marvoulous. There is no pic on the net for a cover so i'll scan it in soon. Theres also a second and third book but theyre out of print and I can't find them. Usually I dont read werewolf books cos theve never intrested me but when I read the first page of this book I was instantly drawn in. The writer "Cheri Scotch" is marvolous and does for werewolfs what Anne Rice did for vampires. Drawn to the moonlit bayous of Louisiana, Sylvie Marley discovers a new world and soon must choose between the debutante's life she knows and the life of her werewolf lover, Lucien. Original. I give this book 10/10 a Lucien is a total god in this book, my type definatly.