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Louise Anne Clarke

Hi and welcome! This page is especially designed to let you in on all my ikle secrets about me! Yay you say! lol. Anyho... about me... well what can i say. My names Louise. I was born in Wales in the U.K on 14th May 1982. From an early age I was always interested in art and was always drawing. I also had a good imagination for making up storys *Giggles*. I won my first art competion at age 9. I drew a christmas scene. I won first prize which was 50 Argos vouchers. From on then I strived to become the best at drawing. I practised whenever I could but still I had a longing for making up scarry storys.This sprouted from my love from reading teenage point horror books. Then I went to High school. That was a mistake I wish I could of got out of. HIgh school was a very ruff and horrible experience for me. Constant bulling and also being pushed down stairs and breaking my leg wasnt the highlight of my years in high school. Finally though after completly failing my exams due to a broken leg and stress I left for the big wide world. Lol. I stayed at home untill my leg was healed and wrote like crazy. That was all I could do. I wrote two great storys but after that I left them. I also drew like crazy and made up costumes for my characters to wear. After seeing all my friends going to College I finally got it in to my head that I could do better so I enrolled in a course in College to re-take my exams. I passed with 3 A's and 3 B's. I was chuffed, plus I totaly got back at all those people that said I was to thick and gulable to do good in college. A year later I enrolled for an Art college and did a Btec national diploma, it was very hard at the beginning due to sum ikle hik-ups but I finally finished my course. This year I am going off in to the bright world of university and doing a degree in Fashion and Design. This sprouted from my costume designing for my novels. In between couses I discoved in a box in the attic all those storys I had written. I pulled them out re-wrote them and typed them up on computer. And low and behold I sent them off to a thousand publishers across the U.K and U.S.A and have just recieved my first big deal. I have yet to sign but hopefully this will be my big break. Through the last 2 years I have been totaly supported by the greatest man Ive ever known, plus the greatest chef ever lol. After a very rocky love life before { not many things go right 4 me, I know people seem to find it easy to trample over me and cheat me out of happiness but I guess everything happens for a reason, I think i'm more humble for that} anyway.... after a rocky love life b4, I finally found the person I'm meant for. Tim! Hope you enjoyed that half finished story, every bitof it was true , not one ounce of fiction. xxx love ya all. LOU! xxx