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Welcome to the Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group Web site. Please review the following terms and conditions concerning your use of this site. By accessing, using or downloading materials from this Web site you agree to follow and be bound by these terms and conditions.



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Use of Web Site Information:

You may download, view, copy and print documents and graphics incorporated in these documents (the "Documents") from this Web site subject to the following:

(1) the Documents may be used solely for personal, informational, non- commercial purposes and thus may be freely used provided that Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group is properly acknowledged as the source for the information; and

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Except where expressly provided otherwise by Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group, all comments, feedback, information or materials submitted to Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group through or in association with this Web site shall be considered non-confidential and Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group property. By submitting such comments, feedback, information or materials to Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group you agree to a no-charge assignment to Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group of all worldwide rights, title and interest in copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the comments, feedback, information or materials. Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group shall be free to use such comments, feedback, information or materials on an unrestricted basis.



All unattributed information on this site is produced by Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group. Third Party information is clearly marked as such and accordingly attributed with the name of the organization or author accompanied by working links to that person wherever possible.



This Web site may contain hyperlinks to Web sites controlled by parties other than Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group. Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group is not responsible for and does not endorse or accept any responsibility over the contents or use of these Web sites.



Websites do not replace the benefits of seeing your own physician for regular assessments and treatment.

The information on this web page is for educational purposes only and is not recommended as a means of diagnosing or treating an illness. Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group makes no recommendations to any person to ingest any substance. Indeed, all matters concerning physical and mental health should be supervised by a health practitioner knowledgeable in treating that particular condition. Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group does not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice, nor do we prescribe any remedies or assume any responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. Testimonials herein are given by persons who want to share their personal experiences and are provided solely for informational purposes.

Everyone has unique circumstances and should consult their health professionals such as your doctor or pharmacist before using any of the products, recommendations or pain strategies to see what is best for you.



Any medical or health advice provided and hosted on this site will only be given by medically trained and qualified professionals unless a clear statement is made that a piece of advice offered is from a non-medically qualified individual or organization.

Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group has no licence to issue any medical advice. Any information provided by Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group by way of this site or in correspondence is given only for educative purposes.



Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group, including their identity, is respected by Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group. We undertake to honor or exceed the legal requirements of medical/health information privacy that apply in New Zealand and The Waikato Area where we are located and any mirror sites owned by Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group.

While we do claim ownership of all inward correspondence in the fullest sense of the term as per Paragraph 3, we will not publish, pass on nor commercially exploit any private correspondence which contains personal health data, personal therapies and personal circumstances. If such information appears on our web site it is through the informed consent of the author and duly acknowledged as such.



The information, products and services contained on this web site may be out of date or include omissions, inaccuracies or other errors. Except where expressly provided otherwise in an agreement between you and Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group, all information, products and services are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group hereby disclaims all warranties with respect to this information, products and services whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

In no event shall Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or damages for loss of profits, revenue, or use, incurred by you or any third party, whether in an action in contract or tort, arising from your access to, or use of, this web site or any other hyperlinked web site.

Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group reserves the right to make changes or updates to this web site or the products or programs described in this web site at any time without notice.

Hamilton Cfs (ME) Support Group cannot guarantee completion of any future products or product features mentioned in this release, and no reliance should be placed on their availability.



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