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(Hamilton (ME) Cfs Support Group History)

At the end of 1995, after many years of having no support group in the Waikato for ME/CFS sufferers, Frankie Letford decided to organize a meeting of local doctors and a Hamilton Auckland M.E/CFS. expert to talk about the findings from the latest overseas conference. After organizing this conference, Frankie and an MS Waikato social worker, decided that an ME Support group would be useful. So in 1996, it was organized that every month a meeting would be held for people with ME in the Waikato, as a way of giving out information and support. Dr Ros Vallings from Auckland, the then chairperson of the national ANZMESocities, began to visit Hamilton and give a talk on treatment options every 2nd month. The other monthly meeting would be for social support and a chance for people to meet other sufferers.


 So it was decided that under the umbrella of the MS Waikato and their social worker, each member of the group would pay a subscription to the MS Waikato Trust and the MS social worker would organize and attend the meetings and help as much as she could, with Frankie available as a contact for those wanting specific information on ME/CFS. After some years the group has grown to more than 70, but because many of the members are casual ones, being too sick or not interested in group meetings, the meetings are usually only attended by around 10 to 20 people. However Dr Vallings talks have been incredibly helpful and are written up in the newsletter, which is sent every couple of months to ensure those unable to attend meetings, are still able to benefit from good advice.


Unfortunately due to changes in the health system Dr Vallings talks are no longer regular. The MS Society has been very helpful and continues to help with meetings and newsletter distribution. Frankie has successfully got Trust Waikato, a local charity to donate money to pay for the costs of the newsletters, general photocopying and hall hire, which has been much appreciated. There should be around 200 people in Hamilton who have ME/CFS and who are searching for information about treatment. Generally Dr's in Hamilton are at a loss to know what to do to help their patients so our latest aim is to help pass on the latest treatment options and research findings.  We try to get the latest information after conferences and circulate them to members and are increasing our library of books on ME/CFS, as a further help.


We also send to GP’s in the Waikato, information and advertising about our group, a couple of times a year. We run on a very casual basis with MS Information person and Frankie and other members of the group supporting other sufferers. Over the years the group has widened to all over the Waikato with people from Otorohanga, Morrinsville, Cambridge and Ngaruawahia now part of our mailing list. So it seems that a support group is really necessary in the Waikato - if we weren't "sick and tired" it could do much more as a support - however, something is better than nothing!!! .We welcome anyone who has CFS/ME and FM to our group. and are grateful for the continuing support of MS Waikato and Trust Waikato


( For information on our meetings, topics, activities, time, date and place please click on the link above  (Group Meetings.)


Frankie & Phil Letford