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Glowin' Dreams Farm

Quality AQHA/APHA horses. Home of APHA stallion Color By Texas


AQHA Shys Magic Glow and 4 day old Too Shy To Rap



2001 foals by Color By Texas!


Justalittle Jet: Foaled 4/23/01

Zip Bo Pine: Foaled 5/17/01

Decks Misty Racer: Foaled 5/27/01




Our Horses


Colonel Fritz Meyers -AQHA Incentive Fund Stallion


Color By Texas - 1995 APHA Chestnut/Tobiano Stallion


Quin Ca Buttons - 1987 AQHA mare


Shys Magic Glow - 1987 AQHA mare


Shy An Rap - 1998 AQHA/IBHA Grulla mare


Fool A Bandit - 1990 APHA Black Tobiano/Overo mare




Horses for Sale



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