Meli's Life Interactive Albums of Pictures!

Here you can find all about me and my friends... more or less!

Meli's Life in June 05
The Marriage of Meli's cousin Cinzia!
Meli's Life in July 05
Meli Goes To Gran Canaria (8 to 15th of August 2005)
Meli @ Gallipoli Sea 2005
Luca and Elli's Marriage & Joint Batchelor
Meli's Life Sept&Oct 2005
Micke Stays from 26 Oct to 1st November 2005
Oasis Gig in Milan 30th October 2005
Meli's Pictures November 05/February 06
Meli's Pictures April/July 2006 (NEW!)
Puglia, August 2006 (NEW!)

Starting From July, the 20th of year 2005...TA-DAAAA!!
A new section is up!! After years of sharing of my web pictures albums, and after many of my friends around the globe had addressed to me a wish to make the chronicles of my bites of living more "interactive" I have decided to create stably a section in my site devoted to albums of pictures where everyone can leave a message or an impression under. This is free and open for anyone... of course, if my Italian friends wanna write under pics... they can use our language!!
I will try to give into the albums some italian translation as well when time will allow!
French is allowed freely too :)
Hope you all will enjoy this new feature I am providing you!
Of course, through the links here you can also reach the past albums of pictures that are in gallimel's web door universe, (and you will see those of Monia's marriage and batchelorette party in may 2005, or that of my life in the first months of 2005 are already interactive albums as well), so you can't miss stuff, okay?
And now... let's go surfing! and.. yes, I know.. the picture of me above is a bit too glam.. but I like it ;)
Enjoy.. new sections here can be added anytime!
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