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Rockman MEGAMIX 2 Translation

Original story and comic by: Hitoshi Ariga

Translator: Cloud no Miko


This document may only be linked from the Mega Man Fan Works Site.  Remote linking is strictly prohibited.  If you find this document linked from a site other than Mega Man Fan Works, please notify the translator by e-mail at


Table of Contents:


0. Updates

I. Legal Notice

II. How to Read Manga

III. How to Read the Translation

IV. The Translation


0. Updates:


10/24/02 Version 1.0 is up.


I.  Legal Notice:


Story content copyright by CAPCOM and Hitoshi Ariga.  This translation was written and posted by a fan for other fans.  The translator (me) is making no profits from writing or posting this translation.  The translator’s intention is to promote Rockman fandom by making non-English comics of the Rockman series more accessible to more fans.  Should Capcom or any party with the legal right to reproduce the comics announce they will print this comic in English, I will remove this translation from the public as soon as I hear about it. 


Reproductions of any part or this entire document is prohibited unless specific written permission is given by the translator (hey, I worked hard on this!)  For corrections and questions about this document, contact the translator at, with the subject heading: “Rockman Megamix 2 Translation.” 


The translation is based on the Chinese comic.


II. How to Read Manga


Read the boxes from right to left, top to bottom.  Text sometimes go from right to left.. sometimes left to right.  Don’t ask me why.  The translation will be done this way.


III. How to Read the Translation.


“sample” indicates speech in speech bubbles  Even if it’s the same person talking, with three different speech bubbles, I will use three sets of quotations.

[sample] indicates narrative or other text in (usually rectangular) boxes

*sample* indicates other text on the page

(sample) indicates translator comments or a note indicating something I was unable to translate, or story text that are themselves contained in parenthesis.   You should easily be able to tell the two types apart.

ONE SPACE between lines will indicate a new picture box.

---- indicates the end of one and the beginning of the next page

Background sound effects sometimes will not be translated, since sometimes they’re still in Japanese, and I can’t read it.


Names used will be the Japanese names when I know them, English names when I don’t know the Japanese ones.  Sometimes when I’m unfamiliar with the character and cannot read their Chinese name, I’ll just give it a name.  Sorry.  Please send me actual names at my e-mail address.  Be polite.  I’ll treat you in kind.  If you think this document “sucks” because I can’t get the names straight, then stop reading it!  On the other hand, corrections given by mature individuals who know how to choose their words will be corrected as soon as possible.


Figures of speech without English equivalents will be matched with something that is different but with very close meaning to the Chinese text, sometimes with figures of speech, but if it’s makes sense, I’ll do a direct translation.  Sometimes when I don’t know exactly what they’re saying in Chinese I’ll give my best stab at translating the lines.  I’ll usually indicate those with notes.  Sentences might be reordered or broken up so the English translation will make more sense and read better.


IV. The Translation




“Fans of Rockman around the country!”  *Host Chesst*  “We’ve been keeping you waiting long!!”


“Now I, Repot……”

“And I Pram will introduce the table of contents!!”


[Prologue …….3  This piece summarizes all the great events of Rockman to date, in manga form for everyone to see!

The Strongest Enemy of the times……..13 Suddenly one who stands against world peace, the strongest enemy of the times appears!  What is the identity of this famous enemy?   This will be the “complete version”, more fantastic than in “BOM BOM”, don’t miss it!!

Special Theater1, characters' files…..154  All characters who will appear in the comic will be in the file.  (arugh, something I can’t translate.)

Special Theater2, CAPCOM Rockman’s production team’s signatures….192 WOW, these signatures are CAPCOM’s gift for this comic as a commemorative.  You must see it!!]


“Are you ready?  The show is about to begin!”





[The year 200X—from the advancement of science were created robots with humanity.]

[Humans became good friends with these robots, living together in peace……]


[But, something bad happened!!]


[Robots began to attack humans, wreaking havoc on the streets!!]


[DRN-007 Fireman]

[DRN-006 Bombman]

[DRN-008 Elecman]

[DRN-003 Cutman]

[DRN-005 Iceman]




“To make my vision a reality!”  “Destroy everything!”


“Make my wish to take over the world a reality!!”

[Evil genius scientist Dr. Wily]

[It’s this evil genius scientist who, for his own evil desires, controlled robots to wreak havoc everywhere!!]


[Facing a robot army with great power, the humans’ hearts were filled with unease……](I missed the term before unease, but that’s the gist of it.)

[DRN-004 Gutsman]

[At that moment, a warrior who challenged the robot army appeared.]


[His name is----Rockman!!]

[DRN-001 Rockman]


[He and Elecman and the other six are the same, all created by Dr. Right.  Rockman was initially a civilian robot.  But in order to stop his brothers from harming humans, Rockman asked Dr. Right to modify him to become a battle robot.]


[With Rockman’s appearance, Wily’s evil plans were shattered.  Elecman and the other robots’ heart parts were successfully recovered, so everything came to a close……]

[But, this is only first in a string of events!!]




[Wily created eight more battle robots on his own, and initialed his dream to take over the world once more!!]

[DWN-015 Heatman]

[DWN-014 Flashman]

[DWN-013 Crashman]

[DWN-009 Metalman]

[DWN-010 Airman]

[DWN-016 Woodman]

[DWN-011 Bubbleman]


[And so, Wily’s robots and Rockman began a heated battle]

[DWN-012 Quickman]

[With great difficulty, he was stopped……]




[However, the first, second failures could not stop Wily’s wish to take over the world……]

[DRWN-023 Sparkman]

[DRWN-019 Geminiman]

[DRWN-024 Shadowman]

[DRWN-018 Magnetman]

[DRWN-022 Snakeman]

[DRWN-017 Needleman]

[DRWN-02 Topman]

[He organized a battle plan to challenge Rockman a third time!!]



[Suddenly, a mysterious robot appeared…….]

“My name is Blues……”

“Rockman, allow me to test your skills!!”

[DRN-000 Blues: A Robot created by Dr. Right.  When his power was unfortunately shut off, his whereabouts became unknown.  He is Rockman’s older brother.]  (Gah, sorry for this bit.)


[Why would Blues, who suddenly appeared, want to fight Rockman?!] 

[Also, the new robot friend, Rush.]

[In the battle involving these three, can Rockman win the last victory?]




[Unfortunately, Wily is not the only one who wants to take over the world]

“My name is Cossack!!”

[Robotics scientist Dr. Cossack]

[The new enemy is Dr. Cossack!!]

[DCN-029 Ringman]

[DCN-026 Toadman]

[DCN-031 Diveman]

[DCN-025 Brightman]




“Rockman, can you defeat my battle robots?”

[DCN-028 Pharaohman]

[DCN-027 Drillman]

[DCN-030 Dustman]

[DCN-032 Skullman]

[But, Rockman, with the help of Blues and Rush, defeated Dr. Cossack’s robots one by one.]


[It turns out, that all the events were planned by Dr. Wily.]

[Because Dr. Cossack’s daughter Calinca was in Wily’s hands, Dr. Cossack had to follow Dr. Wily’s orders.]

[With Rockman et all’s cooperation, Wily’s plans were crushed, and Calinca safely arrived back at Dr. Cossack’s side.]




[But no matter how matter how many times he has failed, Dr. Wily continued to build new battle robots to challenge Rockman.]

[DWN-038 Chargeman]

[DWN-040 Crystalman]

[DWN-034 Waveman]

[DWN-039 Napalmman]

[DWN-033 Gravityman]

[DWN-036 Gyroman]

[DWN-035 Stoneman]


[Right!  It’s like this!!  No matter how many times he has been defeated….]


[…Dr. Wily will not give up his wish to take over the world.]

Oooo…that blasted Rockman!!”

“Don’t think you’ve won!  I’m about to use my killer plan!!”


“The last ace!!  This is my masterpiece, which I spent all my energy to build!!”

“The most powerful robot of the times!!”

Wa ha ha!  His name is….”


“Eh?!  Disappeared?!”





[Forte: Wily’s specially made battle robot.  Obsessed about whether or not he is the most powerful.]

[Gospel: Wolf like robot, works with Forte.]


[In order to prove that he is the strongest robot.]

“Ha ha ha!  Let’s battle! Rock!!”

“Stop, Forte!!”

[He repeatedly challenges Rockman!!]


“That Forte……is too careless!!”

[Also, because he’s got too much of an ego, he doesn’t respect Dr. Wily at all.]


[Facing the never-ending appearances of strong foes, Rockman, with great difficulty, subdues them, but…..]

“What did you say?!”

“Holding a World’s Strongest Robot Competition, to let robots battle each other?!”

[Robotics scientist Dr. Right]


[A dark cloud once again covers the world…..]

[DRN-002 Roll: household robot.]








[The Strongest Enemy to Date]


“I am Tomahawkman!  In order to win first place, I will defeat you!!”


[New Capital, Rockman VS Tomahawkman]


“For world peace…”

“I absolutely will not lose!”




[About 6 hours ago-]

[One year after the World Robot Union was established-]

[The WRU (World Robot Union), in order to prevent a second or a third Wily from appearing, invited all of the world’s scientists to make robots that can protect world peace…]




[And then, on this day, gathered all the robots that where created, to hold the first round of the World’s Strongest Robot Competition.]

“Attention Everyone!!  What a lively crowd!!”




“With these robots of justice!!”

“No matter what bad person shows up, we won’t need to be scared anymore!”


“Great!  After this, we won’t need to rely on only Rockman!”

“But, are these robots really that powerful?”


“You can’t scare anyone by package alone.” (eep, sorry)

“This is why this event is being held, so everyone can see how powerful they are!”


“I don’t know why,”


“But I have a nagging feeling….”




“But Doctor, in order to defeat villains, shouldn’t one have lots of power?”



“Maybe… but if we always think like this, then the day of battle’s end will never come….”

“Simply using violence against violence will only bring about even larger disasters….”


[right, right]



“I really can’t watch on… if it’s only to find out who is the strongest robot…..”

“Then this type of competition is meaningless….”


[right, right]



Wha, what?!”




“How… how dare you….”


“Some of the robots suddenly turned violent!!”


“This… what’s going on?  Everything is a mess here, the show can’t continue anymore!”




“Fu fu fu… (yes, it actually says “fu fu fu”) wa ha ha ha ha!!  All WRU staff members, thank you for all of your long hard work!”

“I am the Chairman of this group—Mr. X!!  These strongest robots were all created by me!!”


“I am also the person controlling Wily from behind the scenes.”

“By combining the power of all these robots, no one in all the world can oppose me!!”


“How.. how mean….”


“That… that blasted… try my “Rush strike shot!””

“Try my “Crush ball!””




“Ah ha ha ha ha!!”

“It’s useless!  Plant Barrier!”


Wa ha ha ha ha ha!”


“Fu fu…..”

“Next up is Rockman and that Dr. Right….”




“Did you hear that?!”

“Rockman!!  Dr. Right!”


“You can’t stop my plan to take over the world!!”

“I will be at New Capital to wait for your glorious arrival!!”

[New Capital]

Wa ha ha ha ha!!”




[After that, Mr. X sent out this legion of robots against Rockman!!]


[The World’s strongest battle between Mr. X and Rockman is at the breaking point!!]




[Rockman is hurt and tired, but he is still using all of his power in order to defeat the robots!!]

[Next up….]




“Ye ah ah ah ah!!!”




“Your buster has failed?!  You’re dead!”




“Because I pity you, I’m going to finish you quick and painlessly!”


Wha… What?!”


“This, this feeling……”

“Unless…Can this guy still move?!”


“What’s going on?!”




[New Capital’s center, Mr. X’s lair.]


Wa ha ha ha ha!!”

“You’ve finally come, Rockman!  But, in your state….”


Waa ah ah ah ah?!”




“Pl, please forgive me!  I was wrong, spare my life!”


“Look, it’s me!  Wily!”

“Can you see clearly?!  We’re friends!  Hurry and put that dangerous buster away!”


“Dr…. Wily?”


“Now….how many times does this make?”

Sor, sorry!  I absolutely will not lie anymore!!  Pretty please!  See, I’m wiping your boots for you.”


“Trust me!”

“There won’t be a next time!!”






Stu, stupid!”


“I’m telling you, Rockman!  In the end the victor is still me: Wily!!”

“Watch my last strike!!”






“That hurts….”



“You’re generous and noble, and forgiving, I didn’t mean anything I just said….”





“Stop!  You, you’re really going to do it?!  As a robot, you can’t kill me……”


“Please, please don’t!!”







“I didn’t think that kid would actually do it!  Luckily I switched in a decoy.”


“But it’s hard to believe, that Rockman was completely expressionless when he attacked a human being…..”

“Forget it, can’t control that one’s power…”






“Right!  That’s it!!”

Waha, ha, ha ha!!”


[The Strongest Enemy to Date]




“Meow *heart*”


“So it’s you….”



“Let’s go….”




Rockman’s been missing for sixteen hours without news, I don’t know if it’s bad…..”


“That’s right!  Making us so worried that I can’t eat….”



“Roll, don’t worry!  Rock won’t lose, he’ll be back safe and sound.”

“Mm.. (of agreement)”



“Thanks, don’t worry about me, I’m much better already…..”


“I might say those words…. But Rockman has really been gone too long.  Is everything really okay?”


“About Rockman being missing?”

“Let us handle it, Doctor!  We’ll find him for sure.”


“For now, we can only wait for those two’s news….”




“Who are you?  What do you want?!”


“Roll, what’s wrong?”

“These people suddenly all came in…”


“You, you’re…”






“I’m really sorry….”


“Dr. Thomas Light!  You violated Robotics Code 31.  Right now we’re arresting you for ‘violent vandalizing activity.’” (I don’t think I got the law quite right. Eep.)


“Everyone, I am Pram.”

“I am Repot.”

“Right now the situation is very volatile, the scene is a sea of flames....”


“And, the instigator is, is…”

“Who?  I can’t see clearly…”




“That, that’s…”





“Ver, very scary…”


“You don’t need to be scared…..”

“Yi? (surprised sound)”


“I wouldn’t hurt my own kind……”




“Because I’ve already found the real enemy that must be vanquished….”



“Re., really?!”


“The enemy that I must defeat…is the most horrifying creature in this world…..”





“The reason robots terrorize and kill each other, is all the human’s doing.”


“Humans, in order to fulfill their own ambitions, relentlessly trample other creatures!”


“Polluting the air, the ocean, the earth…..”


“Ruining the environment!!”




(In the margins on this page are names of robots and their type.  I won’t translate those.  Some words are also too hard on this page as Rock goes on this spiel, so I’ll guess some meanings.  Those will be indicated by * outside the quotes.)


“Cutting down the forest, making it impossible to live for forest animals!”*


“Polluting the water supply, making it impossible for fish to breathe!”


“Polluting the air, making it impossible for birds to fly freely!!”


“These are all made possible by the human’s insatiable wants!!”


“Heh ha ha ha ha ha!!”

“You said it, Rockman!!”




“I’ve already completely thought it through!!  In order to protect earth and peace, I must successfully overthrow the real enemy!!  ‘Humans’!!”


*Id, Idiot!*



“I became ‘Rockman’ for Earth and peace……”


“That is my statement!!”




“I must take all the humans on this planet and….”

“Wipe them out completely!!”


[At that moment, the world was in one horrifying lie.]


*Oh no!*

*What should we do?*


*Humph, I told you so.  That Rockman shouldn’t have been trusted from the beginning.*


[Human’s just friend—Rockman, is actually declaring war against the humans!!]


*Mommy, is Rockman a villain?*






“Humans, if you think you can stop me, then bring it on!”

“Also, I don’t want to hurt my own kind……but, if you want to stand by the humans, then I won’t be merciful.”









*He, he’s kidding, right?*

*Is that really Rockman?*


Wha, what’s going on?!”

“This is bad….”


“Oh, Dr. Right……”

“Please forgive everything I did today….”

“I don’t want to turn against you……”

“But, if you also want to stop me…..”




“Then you will end up….”

“Just like them!!”


“I don’t believe it!!”

“It’s absurd!  Rockman wouldn’t do that!!”


“But what the television reports is the truth.”

*and it just happened a second ago.*


“Lies!  Rockman wouldn’t turn against the humans!!”

“That must be an imposter, perhaps it is Wily’s trap!!”




“From what our police equipment tells us, calculating the evidence left at the conclusion of the crime….”

“Those are Rockman’s deeds.”


“Im, impossible!”

“It’s the truth.”


“Li, liar…”



“Wooo (crying sound)….. I don’t believe, Rockman wouldn’t be like this….”


“Anyway…. you are the same as Rockman, all your brains were created by Dr. Right, so you are a danger.”

“For security reasons, we must lock you up.”


“Rock… wouldn’t, wooo…”





“Sorry, we don’t have any choice....”

“It’s alright, I understand…. You’re just being doing your duty.”


“If there’s anything, press this button.”







“We all got controlled just a little while ago….”


“Is it Mr. X?”


“No, it’s Wily planting an evil chip inside us…..”


“And then Rockman destroyed that place, breaking the orders (controlling them.)”


“After that, we woke up….”

“That’s what happened.”

“Saved, thank you….”


“Right!  Do you know where Rockman went?”


“Ro, Rockman….. he, he….”




“Ro, Rockman…”

“That guy… is dangerous!!”





“What happened?!”


“After that, the horrifying destroyer----Rockman, in less than one hour, completely destroyed every street in the new city!”


“He disappeared without a trace…..”




“The human’s strongest, most difficult enemy of the times----Where could Rockman be….”








[Wily’s Lair (Temporary)]


“This is the follow up report on Rockman’s destruction of New City.”


“Wooo, after working hard for ten years, I’m finally seeing some success.”


“Right’s been arrested.”

“Rockman has become the human’s enemy…”


“So it turns out….”

“That the world rotates for me!”


“Let us drink! Sing! Jump!”

“Right’s been arrested!”

“Today we’ll go all out and celebrate!”




“Ha ha, let’s see who can drink!”

“Glasses, where did my glasses go?”

“Let’s hurry and recharge well today….”

“If you can eat then eat well.”

“Number 4, happy new years!”

“80 Percent say Wily forgot he used to be a loser.”


“Heh hee hee hee hee, what a pleasant surprise!”

“Right’s locked up…..”


Huy! Right. Right! Shadowman!”


“I have a very important job for you…. It’s like this….”



“Fu fu fu…. Immediately being phase two.”

“Dr. Right’s death day has arrived!”




[That night, from Dr. Wily’s temporary lair, came a never ending string of a strange old man’s laughter…..]


[On the other hand, at the prison…..]



“Rockman… wooo…”






“I don’t believe….”

“I still insist that Rockman wouldn’t do this!”




“Rock, I believe you!!”

“No matter what, I will clear your name of these accusations!”






“Dragging this stupid heavy thing….”


Yii? (inquisitive sound)”




“The most problematic is the lock on the door…”





“Strange… did they neglect to lock it…”

“Everything’s going too well.”


“I’m thinking too much!”

“Forget them, I should take this chance to escape!!”


“Humph, took her until now to discover this….”



“Alright, I know, you want go to back to your owner.”



“Worried about me?  No need!  Go!”




Mmmm… if it’s discovered I let a prisoner escape…”

“I’ll be demoted for sure…”





“What’s going ong?!”


“There’s some suspicious person snooping around!!”

Wa.. WHAT?!”


“The guards say that Elecman and everyone got locked up too!  Beat, hurry!!”



“That woman is too careless!!”


“This is bad…”



“Mm!  I’m hungry, it’s so cold here…”

“Who’ll come and save me…”







“Hey!  Roll!  I’m over here!  Hurry and save me!!”

“Hurry! Hey!!”


“So bothersome!!”


Hm… left side?”

“Or is it right side?”


“Right side!”




“I’ll go this way!!”


“Does that woman just not know how to be suspicious of other people?!  What a simpleton…”


“In here!!”





“Elecman!  Fireman!  Iceman!  Bombman!!”




“I’ll free you guys right now!”



“Why doesn’t this stupid gate open?!”

“It doesn’t open when I kick it!   Really….”


“My turn… Ring Discs!!”




“Don’t dawdle, let’s take this chance to escape!”


“I can’t stand it…”

“An entire group of idiots….”


“Commander!!  Where are the prisoners?”

“Ah?!  Jail break?!”


“Don’t panic!!”


“The prisoners and jail breakers….”

“Escaped that way!”


“Ah, right!”




Ringman!  Thank you!!”


“Commander, that sound is….”

“Over, my career’s ‘light’….”


“*Musical note*”




“*Musical notes*” (2)




“You came out for an evening stroll as well?”

“I came here to stop you.”




“Your existence is too dangerous to me….”

“You really surprise me!  I thought only you would understand me best right now….”


“You really think….”

“That you can stop me?”





(no text)





“Are you okay?”


“Mm… that Rockman, went a little overboard…” (referring to how much damage Rock did to him.)

“You were probably too strong, so he didn’t have any choice but to get serious….”



“He broke off both my arms, and stabbed me, if this isn’t cold, then what is?!”


“My state is the best evidence…”





“Then, then where did Rockman go?”

“Once we find Rockman, everything will be cleared up.”


“I’ve been forcing myself to hold on until now, should you save me first?”




“Speaking of Rockman…..”

“I saw him fly towards Tokyo.”


“What happened…it’s not making any sense to me…”

“Still, I must first find Rockman!!”


“Strange… why can’t we establish a connection with Dr. Right?”


“What’s going on?”




“It hurts…”

“What should we do now?”

“For now, we should go back to our home countries….”


“Because of this fiasco, I can’t go back to face everyone.”


“Fu fu… If it’s possible, I want to go back to the lab too….”

“But we’re damaged from head to toe…”

“Well, how about letting me repair you?”






“You are….”


“Dr. Cossack!”

“And Diveman, too.”


“You; aren’t you the Russian scientist?  How come you’re in Japan?”

“My friend Dr. Right is in a pinch, I can’t sit idly by and not help.”


“But, but, how did you know to come here?”

“You shouldn’t move.”


“You’re badly damaged, if you were a human, you would have died three times over long ago…”



“I tracked Rockman’s movements here….”

“You don’t realize it yet?  The World is already in chaos.”




“Because Rockman has turned against the humans.”



“Don’t be scared yet.”

“That man might actually do this…”


“He might be on the side of justice, but his killer aura is too heavy….”



“I think…. Rockman suddenly attacking humans and Mr. X are definitely related…”

“Okay, I’ve completed the emergency work.”



“Ah! Calinca, did you take care of your emergency work?”





“Let me introduce, this is my daughter Calinca and….”

“I’m Drillman.”

“This might be the first time you’ve met.”




“Can you stand?”

“When I arrived at New Capital’s waste facility, I found near the entrance…”

“I gave him to Calinca to repair, (something I missed) then met up with you all… things probably happened this way.”


“….. you….”


“You are…. You are…..”




“This is car number 12.”

“Right now, we haven’t found the five escaped prisoners.”


“Continue looking carefully.”



“Were we a bit hasty?  If we honestly stayed at the prison, we wouldn’t be in this mess….”

“Are you blaming me?!”

“I… I didn’t mean it like that…”


“I think, because we escaped, maybe we caused Dr. Right to be in even more danger….”

Flameman, you too…”


Flameman’s got a point…”

“But, using our own power to find Rockman, clearing this problem up…”


“I think that is the best solution for now.”




“If we can get Rockman back that would be the best….”

“If that doesn’t work, then I will have to step up and stop him…”








“What’s he up to…”

“It seems to want us to follow it…”




“Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha!!”


Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!”




“Why are you so excited?”

“So happy!”

“Without Dr. Right’s control, this is my first time completely relying on my own free will to battle a strong opponent like this!”


“Of course… I was wrong…..”


“Defeating you is not my job.”

“Of course, how could you possibly defeat me?”


“And I was going to beat you anyway!!”





“Don’t forget, defeating you is not my job, the one you can strike you down is…”




“But, that guy still said something amusing…”

“Could the one that can defeat me actually be myself?”


“Rock, what’s so funny?”


“Ah, it’s you guys….”

“Could it be that you guys want to stop me?”


“What are you saying, Rock?  What is this all about?”

“You don’t know?”

“I’m… protecting this planet for justice!”


“Is it necessary to eliminate humans for this?”





“You guys came too… Elecman.”


“Elecman, what happened?  What did Rockman do to the humans?”

“Exactly what Elecman just said…”


“To find true peace on earth, humans are most striking….”

“In order to let the world always be peaceful, I have to root out humans, to become the true ‘Rockman’.”




“Rock, are you joking?”

“Did Dr. Wily do something to you?  If not… then how…”






“I… like Roll the most….”





“I like everyone…”

“So… please don’t stop… what I want to do…”




“Because I…. don’t want…”

“To destroy everyone…”






Noooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”




Sho.. Shoulders…”

Mmmm, blasted, your speed….”


“Nothing, I didn’t see anything…”

Cutman and Elecman got hit at the same time….”


“Iceman, quickly get Roll and escape!”



“Hurry!  If not, I don’t know what he will do… Rockman really is beyond help, We can’t forget all the evil he has done…”

“Because we are brothers, we should at least let him die by our hands….”


“Then I’ll stay too….”


“I think even Rock wouldn’t let Roll keep on watching this kind of thing?!”  (That’s an exasperated kind of question.. doesn’t really translate well in English.)







“Please, please everyone stop…”

“Don’t force me anymore….”


Cutman, your can’t use your flying knives anymore, right?  Why aren’t you stopping?”

“Stop babbling!!”


“Rock… no, Rockman!”

“Even if my arms are useless…”

“I still have my mouth!!”








Ahhh.. ahhh…”


“Please you guys, stop!”



“Fu!  That’s my line!!”





“Strong… too strong…”

“And he only damaged our weapons…”




“You guys don’t even have weapons anymore, right?!”

“Stop, okay?!”


“Stop spewing garbage!!”


“Now…. I understand!”

“You’re not Rockman!!”




“You, you can’t possibly be Rockman…”

“I won’t recognize you!!”


“Even, even if you’re truly the real Rockman…”

“The real MacCoy…. I’ll still deny it!!”




“Correctly said… Cutman!”



“I’m right here!!”



(no text)












“I thought I defeated you at New Capital….”

“I didn’t think you survived…. Copy Rockman?!”


“The Copy is you… I am the real Rockman.”

“Fu!  It’s like that?  I think you’re the only one who thinks so!”




“What’s going on?!  There are two Rockman?!”

“Which one is the real one?!”


“I’m sure.. the one on the right side is the real one!!”

“Would the real Rockman attack us?!”


“Right!  The real Rockman wouldn’t attack humans!”

“So that’s it…”

“Now that I understand, suddenly I’m back at full power.”

“Rockman is really the human’s friend!”

“Rockman, we’ll help you!!”




*Music notes*









“Blues… idiot!”

“Came again to interfere!”



“You actually….”


“Another Rockman has appeared… I said before,”

“ ‘The one who will defeat you is yourself’ The time has come!  You must use your own power to defeat yourself!!”


Wai!  Why are you doing this….”




“Enough, Cutman….”


“Why must you threaten the humans?”


“Then, why must you stand by the humans?”


“You must have discovered it too?!  The most useless ones on this planet are the humans….”

“You’re wrong!  Humans aren’t as horrible as we think!!”


“Really?  Then why won’t Dr. Wily give up his plan to take over the world?”

“Why does he continue to design and build battle robots like us?”


“The reason to create robots like us….”

“Is to let humans step progress, right their wrongs, to bring them into the right path!!”




“I believe in the humans!!”


“The world does not need two Rockmans!!”






“No good!  The fake Rockman’s power…”

“Oh!  The real Rockman’s going to win!”


“It’s the opposite… Copy Rockman’s power is quickly surpassing the real Rockman’s power!!”

“What?!  Then we’re in trouble….”



“Ha ha ha!”





“What?!  This guy’s power just went up?”








“What, what is this phenomenon?”

*In theory, his speed and power shouldn’t match the Copy’s….*


“It’s heart…”



“What does that mean?”



“It should be like this, then I….”




Knightman’s Mace!!”

“Wu waaahhh!”


“That, that weapon is?!

“Ice ball!”


“How’s that?!  This time also… that time also…”

“Every moment I’m saving the world!!”


“You don’t have memory of battling Mr. X!!”

“That’s the best proof!!”





“The later appearing Rockman don’t have the ‘World’s Strongest Robot’s  weapons!!”

“Is he the real Rockman?”

“How, how dare you!!  Rockman’s isn’t Rockman just because he’s strong!!” (“How dare  you” was directed at the situation, not at anyone in particular.)

“Then… how can we tell them apart?”


“That should be…”





(The next parts describe lots of weapons and attacks, my translation will be poor, but understandable.)


“When the wind gets big, just jump a little and you’ll dodge it!!”




“You, you guys?!”



“It seems we’ve arrived.”


“Dr. Cossack…  And the World’s Strongest robots!!”


“Even you have come to trouble me?!”


“So that’s it… you’re the copy….”

“Even though I very much sympathize with your stance, I cannot agree with everything you did….”




“For peace, we not only have to defeat you.”

“We can’t allow you to go on like this.”

“I’ll use this staff Dr. Cossack repaired to defeat you!!”


“Even though 10 against 1 is unfair…”

“But for World peace, we don’t need that many….” (ahhh, sorry!)



“You… all want to side with the humans?!”


“Of course!”

“Helping humans, protecting humans, that’s the good point of us robots.”


“Ha, ha ha ha…..  you’re such tear jerkers!  It see that you have been brainwashed by the humans…”

“Let me help you right yourselves!!”




“Don’t be silly!!  You’re the weird one!!”

“You Copy Rockman!!”


“Let’s roll!”


aaah ah ah ah ah!!”



Bl, Blues… what are you planning?!”




Blues!!Don’t joke about something like that!”




“I’m really not willing to do something like this… but, if someone wants to interfere with Rockman and Rockman’s battle…”

“I cannot guarantee the hostage’s safety….”




Bl, Blues?”

“Blues, what are you planning?”


Rockmans, please begin!!”

“The last round!!”




“I don’t understand, what in the world is Blues thinking?!”

“Thank you, Blues!  To replay your gesture, I will win!”

“I must win, in order to let the world regain true peace!”


“Eat this!  Copy Rockman!!”

“Magnetic Light Cleave!!”


“Rockman, watch out!!”

“Quickly slide to avoid it!!”






Diveman Spear!”


Diveman spear targets before it is fired!!”


“Don’t stand still in one place, keep changing your position!!”


“Flame Bomb!!”

“Flame bomb’s attack pattern can be easily deciphered!!  But if you get hit, then you’ll take a lot of damage….”




“Why, why am I….”

“I clearly have the World’s Strongest weapons he doesn’t have ah?!”






“Don’t get cocky, Block!!”

“Blocking only works for a moment!”


“Just rush over!!”

Wa ah!”


Bla, blasted!  I’ll use the mace to shatter you!”

“The Mace’s weak point is…”




“Lack of range.”

“Everyone knows that.”


“Heh ah….”  (Uh.. I actually don’t know what the first syllable is…)


Wh, why?”

“You’re clearly the copy…why is your potential beyond mine?”


“Copy Rockman is smoking?!”

“Beyond capabilities…”


“Copy Rockman is produced like Rockman, and can raise his abilities limits…. but,”


“If he keeps raising his power beyond the original limit, then it’ll be too much.”  (Okay, I admit, I have no idea what Dr. Cossack is saying here.  All the words were way too hard, but he’s making a point that Copy Rock’s body somehow can’t take the power raising…)


“My, my body can’t take it!!”




Blasted!  I am… a copy….”

“No, it can’t be…”






“Dr. Wily’s mark!!”



“Li, lies!”

“I, I am… I am….”








“Ro.. ck…”



“Heh heh… ha ha ha…”




“Ha ha ha ha ha….. so I am the copy after all….”

“It’s really funny!”


Wa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.!!”

“Heh heh heh…..”






“Blues… please tell me….”

“Am I… really the copy?”




“Ah ah….”

Wa ah ah ah ah ah ah!!”




“You guys should laugh…. I, I really am the copy….”

“But… I tried to protect the world with all my heart and strength….”


“We understand it all….”

“It’s just that your method is not quite right….”



“Thank you, you really are kind…”




“But, this kind of thing, is already…”



“You cannot possibly understand a copy’s pain!!”




“(Something I can’t translate)!!  Anyway, I only have to beat you,”

“Then I’ll be the real Rockman!!”














“Roll!!  Hang in there!!”


“Roll!  Wu….”



“I, I…..”






“Don’t move her!”


“Doctor!  Roll she….”

“I know….but her current condition is very dangerous…..”


“Then, then what should we do?!”


“Rock, trust my father….”

“Miss Calinca…”


Gutsman, carefully carry Roll over to my car!”

“Right, Doctor.”




“The sound is so deep it reaches the energy reactor, if this keeps up…”


Nin, the only thing to do is to give it my all…..”



“I don’t know if it will work….”





“It’s you, this is all your fault!”

“All my….”


“You did this to Roll!!”


“No matter how powerful you are, if Roll dies….”


“Then we absolutely….”

“Cannot forgive you!!”




“Please everyone….”


“Stop… stop….”


“O…. kay….”

“I, I….”

“Am fine…..”


“Fine…” (This word here is a continuation from the previous phrase.  There’s no direct translation into English, so I just repeated the last word.)




“Why did you recklessly move around like this?”

“Dr. Cossack!”

Sor, sorry, I didn’t think she would suddenly get up, and couldn’t stop her in time….”



“You absolutely cannot….”

“Carry hatred for him….”

“You shouldn’t speak anymore!!”






Yii?!  What is it?”


Nin, I understand…”

“I know…”

“Roll… you’re alright?!”


“Calinca, hurry and take Roll inside to rest!”

“Y, yes.”



“Roll, what did she say?”

“Roll, she…”


“Hopes everyone can forgive him…”

“It’s only because his luck is worse that he was born like this….”




“Ac, actually…. I thought he was a good person from the beginning!!”

“We’re all good friends, so why do we need to kill each other?”







“Is very sweet….”




“It’s all because of him….”

“Who did this to the streets, everyone, and even Roll….”








“Cannot forgive you!!”








“You are….”






“What’s going on?!”


“The images have disappeared?!”

“What’s Shadowman up to?!”



“What are you doing here?!”


“Ah!  What are you planning?!”

“It’s a smoke bomb!”


“Yi?!  G, gone?!”







“Over there!!”


“Oh no!!”








“Strange, aren’t they companions?!  Why would….. never mind, escape first!!”


“Don’t let them escape!!”

“Forget it!!”

“Just let them go!!”



“Why… I want to hear your answer!!”




“That’s right!!  There is no need to pity those people….”

“Sorry…. Actually it is because….”


“We… just now heard Skullman’s voice….”




“Hang on… absolutely don’t give up…”


“When I’m in trouble, Roll gave everything to save me….”

“Father, watch for the energy pressure changes!”

“This time, it is my turn to save her!!”

“Oh, nin.”




“Because we were too powerful before, we were dubbed as the ‘robots of destruction’…. And we even shut one of our own in the darkness….”  (Drillman is referring to a plotline in the first manga.)


“When he escaped from his prison of darkness, he started to seek revenge from us…. We became enemies…”




“But…. We were the ones who were wrong!!”


“No one is born of their own will….”

“This is especially true for robots!!”




Skullman being born as “Destroyer” is not his own fault!!”

“But, we were afraid of his power, and furiously tried to control him, and locked him up!!”


“This situation is the same.  That fake Rockman was not activated by his own wishes!!”

“Because right now, none of us can choose our own path in life under our own will…”




“When Copy Rockman discovered he was not the real Rockman, could he really follow his own will and live the way he wanted?!”


“Maybe none of the things Rockman did deserves forgiveness… but,”

“Please, please everyone, let him go!”






“Every, everyone!”

“Roll…. Roll she…”




“Is okay!”


“Even though she’s passed from critical, but she’s still severely damaged….”

“And she has many wounds, so everyone please help me get her to the hospital!”






“A cat?”


“Elecman, hurry, hurry!”

Mmm, nin.”


“Cossack, and everyone….”

“Thank you….”







“It is great, great.”



“Calinca, thank you.”


“Really, thank you….”



“Sorry I worried everyone….”



“What is it…”



“What happened to that copy?”






“Is fine…”


“Hun!  Speaking of him, he escaped with Shadowman!”





”You are the other Rockman… from the moment you were born, I’ve watched everything..”




[You were born in a certain lab in New Capital…]

[Dr. Wily used 3D imaging technology, and copied Rockman’s body, personality, and memory down, and only changed the abilities….]


[Then, when you woke up, you had all of Rockman’s memories….]

Wa ha ha, completed!  Perfection!!”



[So when the real Rockman appeared before you, you thought he was the copy.]


[Because your abilities were stronger than the real Rockman, you won….]


[Because of that, you were even more convinced you were the real Rockman, and continued on to attack Mr.X (Dr. Wily.)]




[From head to tie you are the same, because no one could tell the real from the fake….]

[Even the Robot Police thought you were the real Rockman.]


“Even though Dr. Cossack noticed….”

“Aside from abilities, the biggest difference between you and the real Rockman is…”

“That mark of evil!”



“No matter how strong you are, by carrying that evil mark, there is no way you can defeat Rockman’s heart of justice….”

Nin…it has an affect….”


“Then, I got Wily’s order.”


“Listen, Shadowman!  When the real Rockman dies, Copy Rockman can take his place….”

“But, if something goes wrong, then you…”




“My right eye is a hidden camera, right now it’s closed…”

“If I open my right eye, everything I see will be sent to Dr. Wily.”

*Why is everything dark?!  That stupid Shadowman.*

“The Doctor ordered me to keep an eye on you, so I’ve been lurking in the shadows to follow you.”


“I’m not going to listen to this!!” (Thought you should know, the actually said “dog garbage words.”.. but such things don’t make sense in English..)

“Why?   Why did you come and help me?!  Unless that is Wily’s order as well?!”


“I rescued you out of my own will, it has nothing to do with the Doctor.”

“Why save me?!  You nosy guy!!”  (He called Shadowman “a person that butting into other people’s business” my that’s a long name.)


“Me… butting in?”


“I’m a copy anyway…”

“A naive idiot who thought he was the real Rockman.”


“Should’ve just let Cutman finish the job….”

“That would have been best…”


“I don’t exactly understand why I saved you….but…..”

“Only… I don’t think you should be sent to hell.”  (This has nothing to do with heaven and hell, but basically he means Rockman shouldn’t have been killed.)


“This is pity?  This is sympathy?!”

“I don’t need you for that!!”


“Pity?  Sympathy?  Ho ho ho, you really think that?!”

“What’s so funny?!”


“Fu fu fu…. Nothing… sorry…”

“But, leaping in to save an enemy from danger… isn’t that the kind of stupid thing Rockman usually does?”



“But, it seems that the gap between you and the real Rockman is getting farther and farther…”

“But, but..”


“Who, who can tell me….”

“What should I do next….”






“What I can help you with ends here, what you want to do next is up to you…..”



“You have to decide if you want to die or live on…”



“Think about it carefully…”


“By myself…”

“Decide what to do…”

“I… by myself…..”


“I’m so mad!”

“That crazy Shadowman!!”

“When he comes back he’s going to feel a world of hurt!”


“What pissed you off?”

“You, how can you be here….”





“I you in the battle simulator, you should have ten more days before breaking out…”


“That robot was no fun…”

“Don’t listen to any orders you make?”


“During the month I’ve been in the simulator… what did you do to my body?!”  (I’ve got to point out I’m still confused on if Forte was in a simulator, of if Wily just did something to his programming…. Anyway, Forte was out of the picture for awhile…)


“Yi…, no, nothing…. Hurry and put the weapon down, hurry….”


“Did you send another bunch of metal losers to attack Rockman?”


“No, no….. wooo wooo….”

“Don’t play dumb with me!”


“That power… no doubt about it, it’s him!!  I’m beginning to feel a battle high….”

“No doubt about it!!  He is on the other side!”


”What are you trying to do?”





“The one destroying the street is not this Rockman!!”


Wa… you’re saying that there’s another Rockman, who looks exactly the same?  That’s really hard to believe….”


“I don’t care if you are one of the World’s top Robotics scientist, anyone who helps a fugitive escape is a criminal!!”


“What I dreaded the most has happened…”

“Letting copy Rockman escape is going to make proving Rockman, Roll, and Dr. Right’s innocence difficult…..”


“I can’t get through to you!  Let me talk to Ringman!!”

*He’s in charge of this matter!!*

“The captain was fired five hours ago.”



“Doctor, thank you, but you don’t need to worry about it….”



“Let’s go to the police station and take care of this honestly.”




“Even though we only did all this because of Dr. Wily, but we are willing to take the punishment.”

“We want to be by Rockman’s side….”

“Thank you everyone….”


“Dr. Cossack, Calinca, I leave taking care of Roll up to you.”



“What?!  Rockman is attack the New Housing Quarters streets right now?!”



“Yi?  Rockman’s right here…. What’s going on?”


“Doctor, enough!!”

“Right now, use your car to get us to New Housing Quarters, if not….”


“Calinca, Roll is in your hands!”

“Yes, father.”


“Calinca, it’s in your hands….” (What Rock said is actually a polite way of asking someone to do something for you.  The direct translation is “to bother you”, meaning asking someone to do something for you is bothering them, as to show how grateful you are.)





“Drive faster!”



“Why must he start attacking the streets again?!”







“Hurry… and get here.”


“This is…”

“The path you have chosen?”


“Who are you waiting for?”



“What, Rockman?  Why do you look like you’ve never seen me before?  (Something I can’t translate..)”


“I don’t know what happened, but you’re about to die!!”  (Ugh, the direct translation is something like “the horse that will carry you to death is about to be spanked…”  how awful is that?!  Either my Chinese sucks for reading it like that, or my English sucks for not being able to find a proper translation for that…)




“Look this way, it’s Rockman!!”


“Rockman is again appearing on the streets, and is doing battle with Forte right now!”



“It’s coming again!!” (Referring to the attacks)


“Woo wahh!”







“It’s not…”

“It’s not over yet!!”






“You’re not Rockman?!”


“Is this another one of Wily’s tricks?!”

“Using this broken piece of robot to trick me?!”


“Forget it, I don’t have time for you, so I’m just going to finish you off…..”






“Rockman…. How come you’re not here yet…..”








“Couldn’t beat him…”

“I’m really… not the true Rockman…..”












“Finally here….”


“This, this this… What’s this all about?!”

“Rockman appeared.. Yi…. Rockman?!”


“There’s a Rockman on this side….”

“And a Rockman on that side too?”


“Heh heh heh…”

“Rockman, you’ve finally appeared!!”



“Stop this pointless battle!!”




“Fu!  You know the answer and you still ask?!”

“My goal is to defeat you, it’s as simple as that!!”



“Woo wah!!”


“What…. what was that….”


“Ha ha ha….”

“You deserved that… Forte….”  (I’m actually not sure what the first part of this sentence says.)







“Hang in there!!”

“Dr. Cossack!!”




“It’s no good, the damage is too severe…”

“Plus the fact that he’s raised his power levels again, he could explode at any moment….”



“Ah…. Is everyone here….”

“!!  Unless, unless you’re saying….”


“Unless you’re trying to prove mine and Dr. Right’s innocence, and did this to attract other people’s attention….”



“I, I think I did another stupid thing….”

“No…. I understand, actually… you’re me!!”


“How could you throw away your own life like this?  It’s not worth it….”




 (Note that the next two pages’ orientation is like one big page.  Read across all the small boxes at the top of both pages first, then look at the bottom box that spans both pages.  I will treat it as one page only, and not include any page breaks for these pages)


“Hurry and get away from him!!  He’s already critical.  He could explode any second!!” (Instead of critical, Dr. Cossack says something about his pressure readings…I have no idea what he means…)

“But, but….”




“I don’t care if you’re the real Rockman, or the fake Rockman…. (This box carries over to the NEXT page, read more to the left for his next dialogue box.)”

“I’m going to kill everything!!”  (Now continue to read to the left, not to the bottom.)






“Wooo wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah!!”






“You blasted!!  Unhand me!”


[Watching Forte and him soaring high into the sky together, Rockman seemed to want to say something……]


[Cutman and the other robots were the same……wanting to call out but could not make a sound…… because he…… did not have a name……]




[Though by this time he had already lost his ability to hear, seeing Rockman and the others yelling out for him, he felt very fulfilled……]


“You, what are you trying to do?!”


“Everyone, see you again…….”






“Like this……”

“It ends……”


“Everything happened like you wanted it, are you happy now?!”

“Say something?!”



“His method is not wrong……”


“Even though I am a ninja, but when things got to this point, I couldn’t stay in the shadows…. How come you stood by idly while someone is in peril?”



“You know from the beginning that I was hiding in the shadows to assassinate Rockman, you watched my every move!!”

“It is because of you that I didn’t move against Rockman.” (Someone help me here.  I’m not sure if it’s because Blues did nothing or if it was because Blues was there that Shadow man didn’t act.)




“When I saved Copy Rockman, you were there too!!”

“Then shouldn’t you have been able to guess what Copy Rockman just did before it happened?!”


“Don’t try to pin things on me….”

“I’m not God……”


“He wanted to sacrifice himself from very early on…..”  (Help, I’m only 50 percent sure that that is what he said.)

“That’s it.”





“Aren’t ninjas supposed to be cool headed…..”

“You seem to be getting a little rash…”

“(???)!!  What is Ninjitsu, maybe you should teach me!!”  (Sorry about the last sentence, it definitely needs work.)




 (The entire first box I have no idea what Shadowman said.  My best attempt is that Shadowman is saying something about not recognizing a man “such as you”)





Heh heh…. Tango, really!”





“Roc… k?”







Wo.. woo…”

“Why can’t we go in?”

“Because.”  (A teen’s kid of “because” as a reason)


“Dr. Cossack, thank you very much for all this.”

“Ai ya!  No problem!”

“All the times before I got help from you and Rockman, this time it’s my turn.”




“But… who sent the imaging to the prison cell?”

“I originally thought it was Dr. Cossack…..”


“After investigation,”


“The ones to destroy the New Living Quarter’s streets is Copy Rockman.”

“So, charges against Dr. Right and Rockman have been dropped….”


“He is not a copy……”



“At the last moment….irrefutably, he was the real Rockman……”





“Wah ha ha ha hah!!  What’s this look?!”

“Very handsome indeed…..”





“What’s he doing, that guy!”

“Without me, you wouldn’t have been created at all!!”




“Oh, Shadowman!!”

*How’s Copy Rockman?*

*You didn’t contact me!!*

“Where have you been?!  The important task I bestowed on you wasn’t finished……”


(I’m guessing the Japanese text on Shadowman’s head says something quite frightening indeed.)



“What’s going on today?”

“Blues… I absolutely cannot forgive you!”


Wei… When are you going to let me out?”

*Yi?  Why are you here?*

“Woo woo…. Been fired….”


{{The Strongest Enemy to Date   END}}




Hope you have all enjoyed that!



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