2-5 :: I added the <3Orlando Blog<3. I made it for myself, but now I made another layout, I could give it to others:). It's nothing special, really, but it has a very nice blog. I know you want more blogs, but these were the layouts I already had. So from now on I'm gonna make layouts w/ more blogs, so keep checking back ;). BTW thanks for signing my Tagbook! And the counter is already on 90, but that's because every time I open the Internet and I come on my site, he counts 1... So I think only 2 or more people got a layout... (The less, the better isn't it?)
1-5 :: Welcome to ChOcOcAt Layouts. This is a new site where you can get FREE layouts! It's very easy: just copy and paste the HTML of the layout in your site's HTML-section, fill in the text you want and... done! You don't have any restrictions, although you have to link me. A banner is great, but a line with link to my main site will also do :). I don't like all those rules, but what I also don't like is when you don't link me at all! The layout will be removed then.
Why I chose this name: I wanted something w/ chocolate, and I like cats a lot so... I thought: why not combine them? And it became ChOcOcAt :).
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