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Westport & Hancock, Maine


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TARBOX, Cornelius and Bethia

Cornelius Tarbox was born Aug 24, 1750 and died Aug 6, 1813 at the age of 62. Bethia Tyler was born Dec 17, 1749 and died Feb 19, 1837 at the age of 87. They had eight children: Lucy (1772); Jordan (1774); Royal (1776); Samuel (1780) John (1783) Cornelius Jr (1785); Abigail (1788) and my Great, Great, Grandmother Bethiah (1794).

GGGrandmother Bethia married Thomas Hodgdon October 9th 1814. They had a daughter - Mercy Ann - who was born February 5th, 1833.

Dickson, GeorgeH. and Mercy Ann
George H. Dickson was born Aug 6, 1829,on Entry Island, Magdalen Islands, Quebec. Somwhere between 1850 and 1855 he arrived in the United States and subsequently settled on "Jeremysquam", which is now known as Westport Island, Maine. On December 21st, 1856, he married Mercy Ann Hodgdon. They had six chidren: My Grandfather, Edgar P. (1857); Georgia Ann (1859); Frances F. (1861); Harriet (1869); Eva J. (1871); and Thomas F. (1874)

George and Mercy Ann resided in Westport until they died: George, Feb 6, 1905 and Mercy Ann, Sep 6, 1903.

Note: The census from 1860 to 1880 vary in the name spelling: Dickerson/Dickson.

Dickson, Edgar and Mary Jane
Edgar P. Dickson was born October 24th 1857 and died August 3rd, 1911. (His obituary follows below). He married Mary Jane Perkins and they had four children: Harry (1877); Bert (1880); my Father Ernest H. (1885) and Ross (1887)

Taken from the "Ellsworth American" August 9, 1911:

"Capt. E. P. Dickson Dead.
Capt. E. P. Dickson of the Maine Central's Mt. Desert Ferry fleet for the past twenty-nine years, died Thursday, at Bar Harbor, of diabetes. In turn he has been captain of the ferry steamers Sebenoa, Sappho, Norumbega, Samoset, Sieur de Monte, Pemaquid and the new steamer Moosehead, and for the past five years he has been fleet commander, having general oversight and authority over Maine Central's marine service.

Capt. Dickson was a director of the Bar Harbor Savings bank and of the Clark Coal Co." In another part of the same "Ellsworth American" issue: "During the absence of the regular commander, Capt. Dickson, owing to the death of his father, Commodore E. P. Dickson, the ferry boat Sappho was rammed into the Hancock Point wharf by the substitute captain. She hit the wharf at nearly full speed Friday, and the shock dislodged two piles from the wharf. The boat was not hurt. About the same thing happened again Saturday. This time the Sappho was somewhat injured about the bow and keel."

This cemetery plot is located at the Riverside Cemetery in Hancock, Maine. Interned are: Ernest H. Dickson, Lola M. (Bevan) Dickson, Arlyne (Dow) Dickson and Wendi Aprile Shires.

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