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Neopets and Me :)

courtneydavies got their NeoPet at courtneydavies got their NeoPet at courtneydavies got their NeoPet at

Welcome to the ~Blue Moon~ Webpage.

Email address: –add me on MSN ppls!! Or add Yahoo= IM me and I’ll spk 2 u, and my screen name for AOL instant messenger (AIM) is, ice angel 872002, my ICQ ID is 167847962, and on PalTalk my username is Bad_gurl_4_life. Email or IM any of the above address's to talk about the guild, to ask questions, or to just chat.

We're courtneydavies and green_eyes4. We're both 15 years old and live in Holyhead (aka Smackville) Wales, UK. This page is for our guild. I hope it helps you! The link to our guild is on the bottom of the page.

I've been playing neopets for 7 months now, and Green_eyes4 has been playing for 9 months. We made the guild together, please check out the link below. My pets are 'Peter872002' the Desert Kougra, 'James_paul_2001' the Baby Zafara, and 'Jodie_15' the Striped Krawk. Green_eyes4 has an Ixi and a Lupe. In our guild, we help out the members the best we can. We'll give out free food whenever anyone needs it, just neomail or post a messege on the messege board. We hope to get the contests back up and running soon. We have random giveaways of rare items, codestones, faeries, paint brushes and petpets. We intentionally don't have that many members, so we can help our members more, and our members can help eah other. If you don't have an account on neopets, click the banner below and sign up!

Tips on how to get rich on neopets and avoid scammers!

  • Play as many games as you can 3 times every day.

  • Buy cheap items off shop wizard and sell them for more in your shop (avoid buying anything for 2np or 1 np)

  • Neohomes are a waste of money so don't bother buying one.

  • Don't feed your pets, they can't die! If you have to, feed them omelette from Tyrannia (free slice every day)

  • Play Tombola and fruit machine every day, also visit Coltzans shrine every day.

  • Don't buy healing potions for your pet, you can visit healing springs every hour.

  • There is no easy way to get rich, so don't listen to anyone who says you can get 1 million NPs by sending them a paint brush or something like that.

  • Visit the snowager (see link at the bottom of the page to see when it's asleep)
  • See page 2 (links) for other ways people can try to scam you.

  • Don't give your password to ANYONE even if they say they can get you up to 1 million NP, they can't.

  • If a log in page appears when you're playing neopets, check the URL at the top of the page and make sure it starts with before you put in your password. If it doesn't start with this, click 'back' and try the link again. (This can sometimes happen in peoples shops.)

  • If anyone tells you that they can get NP or rare items for you if you change your e-mail address on neopets, DON'T do it. They can have your password sent to them by e-mail.

  • Don't listen to anyone who tells you that they'll send you a paintbrush if you buy an overpriced item in their shop.

  • Anyone who tells you they will give you 'the secret of how to get NP' if you send them codestones, faeries, petpets, dubloons or paintbrushes, is LYING!!!

Click here for the answers to Poogle Solitaire
Click here for CheeseRoller Cheeses
Click here for the times the Snowager sleeps
Hidden Tower (don't pay anyone for this link)
Healing Springs
Free Omelette
Coltzans Shrine
Join Our Guild
Soup Kitchen
Fruit Machine
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