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Serian Mists

Following Shade deeper into the Mists to meet more Serians he said lived here. "There are three around here. Their names are Renegade, Storm and Tornado. They are all of the Summer Storm Affinity so be careful. Their personalities can be rather adrupt and stormy at times. I really don't reccommend offending any of them." he cautions the wanderer as they move forward.

"Hey, Shade!" a deep male voices calls. A blue-purple stallion with orange and red stripe markings trots upto his friend. "Oh, hey who is that you got with you?" he asks.

The stallion seems so easy going and such that the wanderer wonders if Shade had been pulling it's leg. "It's a wanderer, Renegade come to pay us all alittle visit." Shade replies grinning. "Storm and Tornado around?"

Renegade nods, "Aah, a wanderer how fun." the stallion looks over to the left where a river was running. "They're over there talking..about what I don't know..." Renegade shrugs and gives Shade a wink. But instead of winking back Shade looks bothered by something, but quickly covers it up with a small laugh. "Oh, I see." Renegade seems to notice something amiss but keeps his thoughts to himself.

On the river bank, watching the water flow by is a remarkable Serian with dark clouded coloring and a crest in her mane. She seemed to be listening to a green Serian, that is next to her. The green serian has an interesting sparkling pattern on his coat and some gems stuck to his hooves.

The first doesn't speak much but occassionally she smiles at something the other says. Her unique orange and purple eyes expressing her amusment. It is obvious that perhaps the other serian is a chatterbox much like Blizzard and simply likes to talk, and the mare doesn't seem to mind it.

Shade breaks into your observations, "The first is the beautiful Storm and the other is Tornado." he pauses and watches for a little while. "Tornado is rather taken with her...though in a way we all are. There were talks of starting a circle among us, but Storm and I have joined one already, and Ren has joined one with his mate Indian. Wave and Bliz have met two stallions they simply adore so only Tornado, Tigress, and Crystal are single now. Creating a circle among us has been abandoned for the time being."