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You walk quickly from the two quarreling Kiezo flits and almost trip over another one! She chirrs worriedly and backs away from you. Then with her head hanging down she says, "Guess you didn't see me..huh?" Her voice was soft and sad like it was something that happened often.

You nod saying, "Yeah, my apologies. I wasn't watching where I was going...." You stop and stare at her she was a lovely mint green flit with a delicate twisted horn on her forehead. If you had been watching where you were going you wouldn't of ever missed her. She stood out here on the golden sand. Her intelligent eyes were a saffire blue. And they looked at you with a shiny clarity that bespoke of saddness.

She nods, "Most aren't when they nearly step on me. Most travelers can't wait to get away from Kesiana and Kiran arguing. Which is one reason why I live over here. Niether of them are bad, but they seem to bring out the worst in each other. It's sad once they had been in love. No longer though. She has a mate and he is in love with another."
She smiles for the first time since you saw her. "I met my mate before I came here. We're kind of opposites...but when he's with me...*bliss* It's wonderful, we were afriad that we would lose each other during our adoptions, but we were very fortunate."
She pauses and then shakes her head, "Excuse me I'm probably boring you. Anyways Kiran's daughther Mylie lives here now and so does a very fine male flit Ciryn. I wonder if they will get together or not. but I really can't say."

And as soon as Miriel says that a red flit appears. *chirp!* "Hiyas Miriel, hi traveler!" She lands in the sand fanning out her lovely burnished wings. She tilts her head at you both and smiles. "Talking about me Miriel?" *chuckles* Miriel simply smiles, "Just telling the traveler that you and Ciryn live here abouts." Mylie nods, "Thats true enough it's rather nice here though I miss my mother and my siblings. But I have daddy almost all to myself." Miriel chuckles. "Well, and we all know thats good now isn't it? Plus the fact that there is a handsome young male and you're the only single female.." Mylie blushes and bats at Miriel. "Stop that, he's nice, but I don't like him that way.." Miriel laughs and flits away. "Sure you don't!" and she flies off in the direction of the waters with Mylie shrieking and following after her. Having nothing better to do you follow and before long come upon another flit whom you supposed was Ciryn.

He was resting in the cool wet sands of the intertidal zone. He had fins and a water tail so you guessed it was his preferred place. Miriel and Mylie run upto him still shrieking and throwing sand at each other with Mylie both threatening and begging Miriel not to say anything to Ciryn. He looks at them both an amused expression on his face as if he was used to the strange behavior of the two females he lived with.

Not more then afew feet from Ciryn you see a flash of bright blue.

All Kiezo Flits are from Sirah's Realm