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All Painted Unicorns are from The Silver Unicorn.

Background is from Red.

Meadow Of Paints

Ayrandan'hala takes you to visit his younger brother and foster sister Mil'nib're'joanan and Fali'hutan He neighs a greeting to a smaller brown and white winged stallion who nickers back and trots over to see Ayr. "Sella Li, little brother." Ayr greets him.

The smaller stallion gives his half-brother a nip. "Sella Li, older brother." He chuckles. "Yes, compared to you I am indeed little. How are you today? All is well with the charity I hope? Oh, Look at the gift Paselsta gave me. It's one of her wing feathers." Mil Fondly shows off the gift to Ayr.

Ayrandan'hala nods. "Yes, all is well. *admires the gift* That was sweet of her Mil." *chuckles* I just came to visit my two favorite paints!"

The winged stallion chuckles as well. "Fali'hutan will be glad to see you brother. And Here she comes now."


A couple yards away a beautiful green and white mare, with mane of shining blue, and lion's tail tufted in the same beautiful blue. At the sight of Ayrandan'hala, she rears up happily and runs to meet him. "Ayr! You've come to visit us!" *nuzzles him* "I've missed you! I thought you would be too busy with your Charity forever!" *teasing nudge*

Ayr laughs and nuzzles her back. "No, how could I stay away from my best girl? So what have you been up to mischief? Been running wild with the boys again?

Fali bats her eyelashes at Ayr. "Oh, whatever made you think that Ayr? *looks proud* In fact I have some great news. Me and Tey have a Son! And he looks so much like his daddy...*laughs* but he's more like me personality wise."

"Well thats wonderful Fali! We all know how much you like Tey...whats your son's name?" Mil asks smiling. Ayr nods.

Fali laughs, "His name is Tey too...*giggles* Tey'fali I couldn't think of anything else to call I just put Tey and my name together. It fits though." *fond smile*

Ayr and Mil Laugh. "So I suppose if I ever meet them, or all three of you together It'll be 'Nice to see you Tey, Fali and Tey'fali'..." Ayr teases his wings shaking with mirth. Mil simply chuckles while Fali looks abit mad and snorts."

"Oh, you two are such pains! I happen to like the name very much. It's better than the other choices, like Hutan'uvil. *sticks out her tongue at that* Specially since he isn't green, He took after his father in colors. *smiles* Violet and Blue are such beautiful colors..." She eyes their amusement. "Well, I don't suppose you want to hear how I am now a granddam two times over..."

Ayr and Mil simply look at each other amused. Fali smiles sweetly at Ayr then says, "You know what I heard? That you have a lady love and she's a lovely niyeva..."*teasing tone*

Ayr's humour disappears and he gets a strange kind of touche` look on his face. Mil stops chuckling, "Ayr? Is this true? You've been meeting with a new mare and you haven't told us? Why?"

Ayr says cooly, "And where pray tell did you hear that Fali? I've only met her afew times and we have talked some. I don't remember anything that shows or hints that we are involved as more than friends. And I didn't say anything cause I don't want a whole bunch of rumours flying around about me..." He flicks his tail slightly agitated.

Mil looks hurt, and Fali seems to have lost her sense of humour as well, "Well, Ayr I heard it from Tey since you know she lives in the same realm as you do he says she mentioned you is all. Geeze why are you so touche`? It's not like you Ayr."

Ayr sighs and looks regretful. "I'm sorry Mill,'s just that...I do really like her. She's sweet, kind, and so very gentle. She's fun to be with and to talk to. But she's abit standoffish...I think she's been hurt one to many times. I'm just taking it slow and easy...and I'm not taking it out in public until I know for sure how she feels....*looks down at his forehooves* I...I couldn't take another rejection like that last time. hurt too much."

Fali and Mil give him nuzzles of understanding they know how much it had hurt him the last time. "Ayr, we are just happy that you are notshutting yourself away that you are going back out again...and no matter how it turns out...just know that we love you." Mil says softly to his brother. Fali nods and gives support to her friend. After a few moments they come out of the huddle and smile at each other. Ayr says he has to go...Hasha was probably wondering where he was.

"Why Ayrandan," a laughing female voice is heard. "You would leave without saying hello to me?" The brilliantly colored nitheli mare joins in the conversation having just arrived. Mil brightens immediately and goes to her. "Pas! You're home!" He stops and nuzzles her enthusiastically, his wings wrapping around her in a feathery 'hug'. Pas smiles gaily at Mil and nuzzles him back. "Of course I am Angelwings! I only went to visit our daughter for a few moments. I wasn't gone that long was I?" She fondly snuggles upto Mil's side content to be held close. Mil shakes his head, "No, but every moment spent away from you feels too long these days Sweetwings." Giving her another loving touch he then asks, "So how is our Klis?" Pas answers him that she is fine and then turns back to Ayr.

Ayr simply laughs, "No, never Paselsta." he steps forward and gives her a chaste nudge on the cheek. She chuckles, "Ayr please call me Pas." Ayr shrugs sheepishly. "Okay, I'll try to remember that Pas." Pas laughs, "There see? Wasn't so hard now was it?"

Mil gives Ayr a mock hairy eyeball. "Ayr, you wouldn't be flirting with my Sweetwings now would you older brother?" Since he was just teasing, Ayr grins, "Yes, Mil...Pas don't you think we should break the news to him?" Pas flutters her eyelashes flirtatiously. "Oh, I suppose we must Ayr...Mil I'm afriad we have to tell you that Ayr and I have fallen madly in love with each other." Ayr nods and pretends to be madly in love with Pas by making the most goofy eyes at her. In fact he looked so silly that they all start laughing their tails off with Mil and Pas rolling on the ground while Ayr grins sheepishly.

Once they run out of steam Mil and Pas sit up side by side. Pas chuckles, "So, Ayr how has Hasha been doing?" She asks about her oldest friend. Ayr smiles, "She has been doing first I think it was hard for her, but she seems happy." Ayr tilts his head. "I bet she would love you to visit her why don't you come with me?" Pas smiles, "I'm glad...of course I will! Mil you coming with me this time or are you going to go visit Klis?"

Mil considers this seriously. "I think I will go visit and Hasha would probably prefer some girl time." He smiles at her while she nods. "Good...I suppose I'll go now before it gets too late and I have to spend the night." She winks saucily at Ayr and then squeals delightedly when Mil nips her neck. "If you do I'll find you and spend the night too!" Mil says good naturedly. Pas kisses him and gets up. "Of course you will. I'll be back soon my love." She follows Ayr out of the meadow to go and visit Hasha.

They say their farewells and Fali takes you to visit Ayr'valista and Fali'silva.

You start on your way