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Corana'ciranda, Myrisha'aman, and Teli'fas

Encouraged by Shallal to go on and meet two of the most stunning mares he had ever met. And recalling that Filana mentioned that his own beautiful daugthter was living nearby with Ayr's second daughter. Intensely curious about these two mares you walk a distance into their meadow. When you stop to take a good look around you catch your breath, what a beautiful place! It was a fabulous meadow of green gass and magical dandy lions that seemed to glow. A shadow passes overhead and you look up to see what surely was a vision of fire and gold.

And below her was a white, green and blue mare who looked very familer. She was chasing the flying mare galloping as fast as she could, mane and tail flying in mossy green ripples. What a sight they made. You could stand there and watch them for hours. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately they are coming toward you and the bright faces you see make it feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The winged mare lands softly along side the blue and white mare, before long they stop infront of you. "Sella li traveler! I see you have finally made it to the Pheonix Garden!" The winged mare exclaims. "I am Corana'ciranda and my running-mate here is Myrisha'aman."

The white and blue mare bows her head. "Sella li traveler, welcome to our home. I trust you have met my father?" Her father? Peering closely at her, you do see a resemblance to one of the other paints you saw...Oh! "You're Filana'lisen's daughter aren't you?" And the mare nods happily. "Yes, thats right traveler." Chuckling she tosses her lovely green mane to the side. "I look nothing like my mother, but then he disagrees saying I am as graceful as she." Myrisha smiles. You ask if her mother lives here in this realm and she shakes her head, "No, she lives in the realm of Ayrandan's father and mother. I have not seen her in some time..." She look sad for awhile swaying her tail from side to side in thought. And While she was thinking a third paint shows up. A very small paint putting you in mind of another nai such as Creslaht.

He was stunning quite simply, beautiful windblown violet-blue mane and tail. But that wasn't all...all over his body, were leaves, spinning and twirling leaves, they ever had veins like real leaves. You stare at him in slack-jawed awe. You never thought that anything could have actual markings like that. They couldn't be real..they had to be painted on, or something...reaching out a hand to touch them and find out yo are stopped by an indigant voice. "Excuse me? No greeting, nothing just reaches out it's hand. Well, if you think you're going to touch me you got another thing coming." The small stallion says snorting. Embarressed you withdraw. "Sorry...I've just never seen a paint like you before." He snorts slightly placated. "Of course you haven't...paints like me are rare. If you were wondering if my markings are real, they are. Now, that we have that out of the way tell me traveler how many Paints do you think live here in Darkunicorns?" Pondering that mentally recounting all the paints you've met so far you say, "Seventeen?" Teli'fas chuckles, "That is a good guess based on who you know. But there are more then that as you'll soon see." He points his horn to a trail. "Enjoy your journey's only begun."
You continue on your way.

All Painted Unicorns are from The Silver Unicorn

The BG is from Red