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Frosted Glory

Coming from the Anditan mares the last thing you expected to see was another Asrire, but the beautiful blue, winged stallion coming toward you was definitely an Asrire. A very stunning Asrire with showy wings.

Waving your hand at him he stops and turns his head as if expecting you to be waving to someone else. "Oh you mean me? Ja~ni...Frosted Glory is my name." You wonder who else he thought you could of been waving at when there begins to blow a mysterious wind...Frosted Glory looks to the source of the wind and you see a very big dragon like creature...very purple dragon-like creature. "Oh, it is you Eriani! This here is a traveler..I was most surprised to see it here...Eriani is a Keizo Flit if you have not seen one like her before." He says to you.

Really? She was a very large flit then wasn't she? But quite lovely...very chinese looking. Smiling you introduce yourself to Eriani. She smiles back while floating on the air, "Nice to meet you as well." She replies amiably. "I hope you have found this realm quite nice to travel in." Nodding you say you have there were just so many to meet here! Frosted Glory chuckles, "Indeed there are many....not as many as some, and most of the creatures here you will never even see because they are that secretive, but good luck to you if you do!" He nods smiling and posing prettily without thought. Eriani shakes her head, "Oh so there fact there are so many that by the time you leave here you may never want to come back!" This being so obviously a joke each of you laugh. Maybe..maybe, you say in return, but it wasn't like you were going to live here at least! Frosted Glory roars with laughter, "Thats true enough! Though honestly I'm not sure whether to pity you or to say good for you because this realm certainly takes getting used to, but..." The purple flit finishes his sentence. "But it is most certainly an interesting place to live. We are happy, aren't we Frosted?" She arches an eyeridge and he nods decidedly. "Yes, we are my friend." he turns to you.

Only to look beyond and call out, "Hey, Star Struck! Nice to see you..." Turning around the Traveler views a light blue mare with stars all over her body.

She nickers, "Hi, Glory! Whats up? Oh a visitor I see." she smiles at you.

"Yup, Star we've been talking to the traveler here about this crazy place we call home." *grins*

She arches a brow, "Oh really? Did you tell it about the shapeshifters?"

He shakes his head, "Uh no, wasn't planning to, thought that some surprises should be left surprises." *winks*

Star laughs, "I see, well I dunno about that one...seems kinda mean not to give it anything with which to be prepared. *chuckles* Oh well, it's made it this far, I'm sure it will continue to survive." she smiles encouragingly.

He nods, "My thought exactly!" He says to you, "But don't stick around here all day go on and find out for yourself!" He points further along with his considerable horn. Well, I guess it was time for you to move matter there were surely lots more to see!

All Asrire and Kiezo Flits are fromSirah's Realm