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After the disappointing meeting with Faillan'Ma you take Ma'tri'Zzala's advice and walk through the tall grasses to meet the mares.
And to your shocked eyes a lovely little mare with stripes is standing a short ways away after you come out from the tall grasses.

She didn't seem know you were there, apparently she is enjoying alittle snoozing. Not wanting to disturb her you back away slowly and turn in another direction.
You come nearly face to face with another! You jump backwards almost stumbling in your haste. The grey mare chuckles a light high sound of amusement.

She says, "Easy there traveler, I won't bite. My name is Yhyzen." She tilts her head, "Did Faillan'Ma make you so jumpy, or is it normal for you?"
You chuckle softly relaxing, You tell her that yes, you had met Faillan'Ma and it hadn't been pleasent. She listens kindly, and tells you not to worry about it. He is just like that.
"He's a fine stallion given enough time he'll come around." She smiles softly. "In the mean time don't let his addictude bother you." You nods saying, "Okay I won't."

While you had been talking with Yhyzen another mare had approuched. She snorts, "Faillan'Ma has his reasons and they are not totally wrong.
He'd just rather have the trust earned first." You tilt your head and say that you could understand that, but did he have to be unpleasent about it?
She shakes her head. "No, you're right. But in his mind better to be thought unpleasent and be respected than nice and thought a pushover."
You think about it for a minute and shrug saying you guess so. She smiles slightly and says,
"Oh how rude of me I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Llevin'Zoryzi." Nice to meet you Llevin'Zoryzi you reply. She smiles,
"Yes, well I take it you would like to move on have yet to meet the others. At this your jaw drops, There are more?
She chuckles and points you on your way.

You continue on to meet...

All Crystal Unicorns Are From