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Crystal Unicorn Valley

You have wondered away from the Flame Unicorns to a different meadow. And here you see a yellow bay unicorn stallion rearing up high. He looks a lot like a Flame, but isn't....he doesn't have the flame markings. But you could still see the same fierce pride and fiery spirit in him.

He rears up again demanding in a deep tone, "Who are you and what is your business here?" *snorts*

You say that you are a traveler who has come only to visit with all the fantastic and beautiful creatures who live in this realm." He gives you a long look. When you don't flinch, or look away he nods. "You'll do...My name is Suniac'Kiko and I'm a Crystal Unicorn. We come from the same realm as the Flame Unicorns, but as you can tell we are different from them. *chuckles* In some ways. Some are not as obvious as others." He dances away in a graceful and sunlit way.

He smiles tossing his mane eyes sparkling. Though he isn't looking at you anymore.You follow his gaze and you see another Crystal Unicorn. She's a black and white beauty with green eyes. Very pretty green eyes with long eyelashes. She turns her head watching Suniac dance seeming slightly amused as well as slightly flirty. She nickers in a way that makes it sound like a laugh. After a few minutes watching Suniac she glances at you for a second. Then she walks away flipping her two toned tail. Giving Suniac a parting look that says 'You're cute....but that doesn't impress me much.' She disappears into the forest at the edge of the meadow.

Suniac stops his dancing and stands next to you. He watches the mare leave wistfully. And he says to you, "She's Fayfle'Zorie, it means Forbidden Dream and she's as evasive as one of those dreams. Though she's always around when you aren't looking, it's only when you look at her that she disappears again." He says thoughtfully a hint of longing in his voice.

Poor fellow....looks like he's infatuated with the lovely Fayfle. Though one never knows...she might care for him more than she's willing to admit to anyone maybe even herself. One never can tell for sure with those mysterious types. ~.^

After Fayfle leaves, you and Suniac hear a cheerful whinny and a new mare appears. Suniac whickers at the mare smiling. The new mare nickers back. She is a beautiful brown appoloosa. Suniac smiles and introduces her to you.
"Her name is Celi'tri'kalla'dayfi meaning Dust of the Storm."
The Mare laughs, "Ooh, that name is too long for a traveler to remember Suniac. *turns to you* Please call me Celi'tri it's easier." *smiles*

You nod and greet her telling her your name and things like that. The whole time you two talk Suniac nods and smiles absentmindedly to certain comments made to him by Celi'tri. But it is obvious to anyone that there is something else on his mind. He walks away still lost in his thoughts.

Celi'tri gives him a somewhat worried look and says to you. "Ever since he met Fayfle she's all he can think about...I don't know what he sees in her honestly. Yes, she is pretty, but she's so strange. *sighs* And it isn't because I'm jealous as some might think. I'm Suniac's half sister I am fond of him and I dislike seeing him this way. I dislike seeing the way she treats others. Did she even introduce herself to you or even say hello?"

You shake your head that she hadn't. Celi'tri snorts, "See what I mean? She's rude and Suniac may think she can't help being the way she is I disagree with him. He's blind when it comes to her. *shakes her head* I hope he sees the truth before he gets his feelings hurt. She'll prolly run off with some other stallion who is just like her and break Suniac's heart." You remain silent through this part of the conversation knowing that Celi'tri just needed to get this off her chest.


Celitri takes a deep breath to calm herself. "Sorry for going off at you like that...I really shouldn't say things like that to a traveler. I'm such a blabber mouth..." You quickly tell her that it's quite alright and that you understand that she is just concerned about her half-brother.

She smiles and thanks you, "Thank you for being so kind and understanding. I should go now...but be sure to go and meet the newest addiction to our small herd. She a sweet pretty mare and I like her alot more than I do Fayfle...anyway be sure to go and meet her she would prolly very much like the companey." You smile and nod as she says "Farewell and trots off to graze with Suniac.

You move on to meet....











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