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Ayrandan'hala, Lashali'Leui, and Hashalisha

Summer Glade showed you the way here to see Ayrandan all grown up. Then she turns and goes back home leaving you in the big meadow with the wide open sky. The warm breeze flows over you, while the sunlight shines with a crystal purity you've not felt before. In the shadow of a nearby tree a large form moves into the sunlight. He was a huge unicorn with golden brown wings and a sweet smile you remember from his foalhood.

"Sella li, I believe we've met before." He chuckles, "I suppose I have changed alot since I was a foal. Then again perhaps not that much." You had to agree except that while he had been very cute as a foal, now he was beautiful. Not saying this aloud though, he probably would of been embarrassed. Ayr tilts his head and seems to drift away into his thoughts. Another smile crosses his face followed by a dreamy expression. "I am a father and a grandfather now. The charity I started has grown into one of the largest of them all. *chuckles* Though it does not have the most offspring or grandoffspring, that title belongs to the charitites Tetheran and Turrandoti." Ayr starts walking away and you follow. "So do you have a mate?" You ask out of curiosity. He pauses, "That is a difficult question to answer. There are twenty-two paints in my charity, eleven mares and stallions. Two from each are mated to each other. My younger half brother Mil is mated to his love Paselsta. Flishmish...she was the lead mare and the first mare to join my charity back when I was young and just starting out. She is also the mother of my first child. I love her very much." Ayr smiles slightly. "Now, she is mated to Odarel'dier. They saw each other once and are now inseperable. I couldn't be happier for either of them. Flish is one of my best friends, we'll always love each other, it's just different now than it used to be. I don't love one mare more than any other. I'm completely devoted to all of them." Walking quietly a few minutes more you ask, "Who is the lead mare now?" Another smile appears on his face, a big warm happy smile that speaks of deep love and admiration. "Her name is Devaina'tey." Somehow her name seems to resonate through the air, like music. And a feeling of awe settles around you. Feeling the need to whisper now, "Who is she?" He seems to consider the question seriously. "Deva...she is beautiful, in soul and appearence. She is blue, dark blue and silver, with dapples. We met over a year ago and were friends for a long time before I asked her to join my charity." His voice fills up with pride, "We now have two beautiful foals, our son lives in this realm and our little candy lives with her."

"And if it were upto you Ayr they would live with you too." a bright female voice breaks in and is followed by the appearence of a stunningly beautiful winged mare. Ayr laughs, "Of course, what can I say? I'm a greedy fellow. I want my family about me." *winks* The mare chuckles, "Hardly greedy my dear friend, just perhaps unrealistic." She flips her mane in one smooth motion. "You're such a dreamer Ayr." she says smiling fondly.

The stallion laughs, giving the mare a nuzzle. "And you're so sensible my dear have everyone convinced you're a Queen." Arching a brow Lasha says, "But not you?" Ayr breaks away laughing, "On the contrary, most especially me." He looks at her over his shoulder wryly. "Only a Queen like you would exchange one fool-hearted king for another and be happier for it." At this the tall mare bows her head amused."But of course...though you forget, that other king was never really mine, nor I his. Nor was he ever really meant to be a leader, the new one is very much different."

Watching this conversation, if indeed that was what it could be called, It was clear that most of this was an inside topic that a traveler couldn't understand, there was just too much sublety. Just when you think about moving on and leaving them to their intriques a warm sunny voice breaks through. "Ayrandan, have forgotten the fact that you have a visitor." The two niyevas fall silent for a moment and then smile sheepishly at the smaller theli mare.

She turns to the traveler, "I apologise for my friends...they sometimes get carried away." The amusement in her voice was friendly and without sting. Ayr clears his throat, "Traveler this is Hashalisha, Summer Day in the english tongue. She has a good talent for rescuing innocent bystanders from Lasha and I when we get carried away." He smiles warmly at Hasha who smiles in return. "Why thank-you Ayrandan, I must say, it's never a boring moment around here." All three of the Paints laugh.

When the last chuckle was gone Lasha asks, "So Hasha...what happened when you told Ginn the news?" "Oh, he fainted." Hasha says, mirth dancing in her eyes. "Did he really?!" The large mare exclaims. "I've never heard that one before...not about a stallion at least." *giggles* "Ayr..did you ever do that?" Shuffling his wings uneasily, "Umm, no, not really..." *sweatdrop*

The mares burst out laughing so hard you thought they would stat rolling on the ground any minute now. When they'd calmed down Hasha smiles happily. "It was really very sweet you know...we've never been so happy. Our first foal after all this time, I was beginning to think that I was too old to have one." Ayr shakes his head and smooths Hasha's forelock away from her eyes, "No, you can never be too old for foals. It was just not the right time before," Hasha finishes his thought. "And now it is at long last." Awwwww how sweet, but now it's time that you moved on to meet others. You wave good-bye to the happy trio and walk on.

To the Paint meadows

All paints are from The Silver Unicorn.