The Legendary "Crazy Man" Mike Thompson is barnone, the greatest superstar I ever created. He went on to win six world titles, including winning the WWF 2K2 World Title after just 4 months in the company. And he holds the longest title reign over any other holder of the World Title for the WWF 2K2.

Mike started his career just like any other superstar. He wanted to take the WWF 2K2 by storm, and he wanted to become one of thte major players in the company. Most superstars set out with the vision of 'taking over' a company. That's the direction Mike Thompson was headed, and unlike most superstars who decide to 'take over' Crazy Man was successful.

Crazy Man entered the WWF 2K2 at the August pay-per-view where he interfered in the Intercontinental Title Match. He started out with a very impressive 9-0 start before finally losing his first match via interference. It didn't take long before Crazy Man won the King of the Deathmatch title. Crazy Man never lost the title, as it was combined with the ECW World Hardcore Title. Crazy Man became the ECW World Hardcore Champion, and remained undefeated. While he held the title he went into a War Games match at the November Pay-Per-View to determine the Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Title. The match came down to Ness and Crazy Man, and Crazy Man pulled out the amazing victory, outlasting all the other men.

At Armageddon, Crazy Man was set to take on the World Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Nash for the title. Earlier in the night Crazy Man defended his ECW World Hardcore Title against Bomberman, finally losing it. But Good Luck was on his side that day when he won the World Title from Kevin Nash.

Crazy Man held onto the World Title for four months, defeating numerous superstars before finally losing the title to the Undertaker in late April. Crazy Man wouldn't get his rematch, as the WWF 2K3 closed it's doors.

Crazy Man then went on to wrestle for the contending company, the WWCF. Crazy Man went on to win his debut in WWCF, by defeating the World Champion, Harlem Dragon in a non title match.

A few months later the WWF opened it's doors, and Crazy Man kept up his career. He went on to win the Intercontinental Title, and later the European Title from the same man he got his first World Title from, Kevin Nash. Due to personal reasons, Crazy Man was forced to retire from wrestling. When the WWF re-opened it's doors again, Vince Mcmahon was looking for someone to help run the company.

Mike Thompson was chosen to be the General Manager of the Raw Brand of the World Wrestling Empire. He was a successful GM, bringing praise from the fans and the superstars alike. A few months after the start of the World Wrestling Empire, Mike Thompson became the General Manager of Smackdown. His General Manager duties didn't last as long, or as successful on Smackdown as he was forced to retire from the General Manager position.

After his retirement from the position, Mike Thompson was inducted into the World Wrestling Empire Hall of Fame with his six world titles under his belt.

"Crazy Man" Mike Thompson was last seen on World Wrestling Empire TV as the manager of the former IC Champion, Rob Gore. Rob Gore is not gone from the company, so the question remains. Will the "Crazy Man" be back to kick some ass? Will he be back at all? Only time will tell.


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- 1x WWE Heavyweight Champion
- 1x WWE IC Champion
- 1x WWE European Champion
- 1x ECW World Heavyweight Champion
- 1x ECW World Hardcore Champion
- 1x WWE King of the Deathmatch Champion
- Former Co-GM of the WWE
- WWE Hall of Fame Member

Pic Base: Kamikaze Ken Anderson AKA Ken Kennedy

Overall Record (Give or take a few): 37-8-3

Total Matches (Approx.) 48

Number of world titles: 6

Accumulated Title Reign (Approx.): 327 Days