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Farm Photos




Our first kids of the year were born on 1-18-06.
Out of Ch. Goddard Farms Patches & Acorn-Acres Alaric.
The buck kid is currently for sale

Bob & Keeta Jo Bemis.
Most photos are only-pasture photos-sorry.
After years of raising Alpine, Lamancha & Saanen's my husband wanted to go a different way then the rest of the family. We chose
Nubians. 2005 was our first year showing them and we did very well. I finished the only Milker we showed-(Dancer)-she should also get her star.
We also had 3 of our dry's win a leg this season.
We have a small herd that we keep at his
parents farm, Lost Spring. Because of that we are very selective in the does we keep. We have to keep to a small number, and if we
believe a doe is worthy to stay another year but we have others whom are milking more and are more mature we will dry off those does and breed them again in the fall. We are mainly
focusing on our Nubians but still have a few top Lamanchas and experimentals. Our prices are very reasonable considering the excellent lines we are working from. Take a look around and if you have any ?? please feel free to email me and I will try to answer them the best I can.