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Inner Peace: Where to Start?


Text Box: Many people seem to have fears. This is natural. However, some people tend to try and forget about them, but ignoring such things can reek havoc, especially if you arenít quite sure about how to go about becoming a more spiritual being.

When a person is growing up, they learn that their parents, friends, or their environment does not approve of certain things. For example, it is an unwritten rule that little girls aren't supposed to be tough, and little boys aren't supposed cry.

These unacceptable feelings get shoved into the mental closet and the door is locked tight. But as children know, monsters can lurk in the closet. Those feelings may hide in the dark corners, but they will be expressed in some fashion.


The Universe seeks a balance and wants everything out in the open. This means that everything that you do in life will come back to you, the bad will reflect, as well as the good, and your closet monsters will attack.

One of the first steps to getting to know yourself better is to conquer those fears. Show them whoís boss! Once you can face your fears, you can do anything that you set your mind to do.