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Cloud Nine: My View On Souls & Spiritual Life



Text Box: Cloud nine is a place where all souls reunite. The souls here are the ones whose bodies have died or are in comas. Souls never die. They wait here until a new body comes along. A soul living on cloud nine is an inactive soul. A soul without a brain is like a body without a heart. It needs something to help it function. Each soul is destined to a body although the body is yet to be produced. A superior power directs them to the womb where the new life is being processed. The soul enters through the belly button of the mother and into the fetus. I like to call this process soulifying. This is how the fetus is brought to life. Thus, each person is born with a soul...The other day, I was strolling along a peaceful street, humming a tune in my head, when all of the sudden, I heard a bang, followed by a crash... or was it a crash followed by a bang? Anyhow, there was a crash bang boom and next thing I knew, I was floating in the air. The thing is, I had a twin! But she was lying unconscious on the pavement... Oh wait! That's not my twin! I soon realized that the person on the ground was I! And I, well, my floating self, was my soul.

I believe that souls and bodies are two different things, and bodies are simply ways that souls animate themselves. As you may have concluded, I am not dead or detached from my soul. I wrote this introduction to illustrate the way that I picture souls. Souls are a fine mist that fills your body. They are the cores of all spirituality. Souls come in all different types. Each person’s soul is unique. Every living being is born with one. Without souls, we'd all be inanimate corpses. We cannot choose what type of soul that we will have. We are born with what we are born with. What we can do, however, is alter it. You can choose to be happy, calm, angry, excited... nobody chooses your personality for you. This is why you are given a mind. To think!
J Wise people will think of interesting ways to animate themselves. If you just sit around studying all day, you will get nowhere. People who devote all their time to the same activity become dull, and starve their souls. You have to feed your soul! Have a little fun in your life. Variety is the key to a healthy soul. A bored soul cannot think for itself, because all it knows is routine activities. If you have a bored soul, you close a lot of doors. Doors signify opportunities in your life. You have to open as many doors as you can. If a door is locked, there is a key. You must find the keys. A key could be something as simple as a hug from an enemy, or something complex as finding the solution to a mathematical question. Each person is on a quest, a spiritual journey. Their values and morals may differ, but each of them shares a goal: to open up as many doors as they are able to in the short amount of time that they are actually living on this planet…








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Everything on these pages are simply theories of the author. You are free to agree or disagree about anything that you read. Writings are not intended to offend any person. Please e-mail me with questions or comments. Thank you & have a wonderful day.