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Origins of Wah

       The birth of wAht is now known as -]wAh![- came from the deepest sense of boredom within the vast emptiness of Panda’s mind. While barely awake and reminiscing about the fun-filled adventures that he had with [-=*NASA*=-], Panda wanted the same excitement he had had before. Then he woke up and overheard a conversation that Francis-Paul and Louise had about superheroes, to be more specific, what superhero would they want to be. As they spoke about whose power is the best Panda started to doodle, and he doodled away; Batman kicking Wonder Woman, Spider-Man web-slinging the Flash, and wAht not (he drew his dad too, because his daddy is his hero). So he finished his crappy little drawings and on the top of the page, there he wrote “We Are Heroes!” *Click! *Ding! *Eureka! Whatever… something just clicked and using “We Are Heroes!” as an acronym -]wAh![- took it’s first breath; and breathes today.