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The Badger's Sewing Circle & Counter-Terrorist Society
encourages you to support freedom for Afghanistan Women....
Welcome to the Dark Side of The Moon! There is so much of the unknown thru out the universe and within ourselves. From here take a trip to those places....

Even clicking on the graphics may take you on a journey!
But beware the Lamp of The Sacred Lava....

For real historical resources on Native American and other Indegenous Peoples,
Visit our site:Native History & Research Sources

Image of the "Dark Side of The Moon"
(east side)

From The Other Side

The Creative Center of The Universe
The Edgar Cayce Website
Art Bell's After Dark Radio
Up All Night Radio with Richard
Reality & Beyond With Mike Jarmis
High Tech Crime Network
Radio Free World
The Poetic Revelations of Jim Morrison
Life Boat News

Space and Earth

The Enterprise Mission
Space Telescope Science Institute
The Moon
Earth Files
SETI League
UFO Information & Resource Center
Earth Changes TV
The Rods of Roswell
The Planetary Society

Philosophy, History, & Literature

Philosophers' Web Magazine
Philosophers: Alphabetical Index
Greek Women Philosophers
Women's History
WISDOM: Knowledge & Literature Search
New World Literature and the American Millennium
'Lost at Wounded Knee'
'Star Spirits'