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[UPDATED 16/01/2017]

    i) I am collecting one card per country and system. The following countries/systems are missing (plase note that for my collection I am NOT interested in recharge cards for mobiles neither in any unloaded cards):
    Argentina induktiv, Bermuda Islands Autelca, Bulgaria L&G, Central African Republic remote with pin code, Cyprus L&G, Germany Tamura (for CeBit-fair), Greece dual system (magstrip + remote), Indonesia L&G, Iran provinces (West Azerbayjan, Bushehr, Gilan, Golestan, Kerman, Khorasan, Lorestan, Semnan, Yazd), Lesotho remote with pin code, Lybia remote with pin code, Madeira remote with pin code, Malaysia Tamura trial, Mexico Tamura, Morocco magstrip for use on airplanes of Royal Air Maroc, New Zealand Tamura, Nigeria L&G Chawaleks, Paraguay remote with pin code, Saba L&G, Saudi Arabia L&G, Spain magnetic trial (white phonocard with magstrip), Taiwan Tamura, Uzbekistan chipcard, Venezuela induktiv.

    ii) I am also collecting one GSM SIM card with chip from each country; about 25 countries are missing at the moment so please let me know what you have!

    iii) And finally I am collecting variouse countries of the South Pacific area, here is what I am looking for:
    Fiji GPT: provisorial issue of 2002/2003 (`$10 Sunset Overprint´ | `$20 flowers´ | `$20 - $20 phonecard´ | `$50 Sunset´)
    Marianas MTC Tamura cards: 5u complimentary card `Introducing...´ | 10u `Hafa Adai Hotel´ | 10u `La Fiesta Mall´ | 10u (?) `weaving lady´
    Marianas MTC chipcard `tidel rock pools´
    Samoa West, SamaoTel induktive: `25 Tala (2nd issue)´
    Samoa American, remote memory with pin code: `$5 (value in white box) boat, text at bottom: “Call…”´ | `$5 boat, text at bottom: “Call…” ´ | `$20 boat, text at bottom: “Call…” ´
    Solomon Islands remote with pin code: `$10 shell´
    Vanuatu remote memory with pin code: `2700Vt colorful drawing - man & vulcano & Sydney opera´