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Austrian & Worldwide phonecards
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In the section you can see interesting new issues and learn about rare, old phonecards
This is not a for-sale-section, nevertheless, please ask if I have any of these cards to offer :-)

    Landis & Gyr SODECO GENEVE BSK 50 in green and red respectively, proof cards with control number [29/05/20]

    Colombia, extremely rare and mostly unknown Urmet trial cards, set of 3, issued by TPP [07/02/20]

    Niger, nice GSM SIM card "Nomade" [06/02/20]

    Tchad, nice GSM SIM card "Salam" [06/02/20]

    Algeria K-phone public chipcard, system operating via GSM [10/10/19]

    Libya GSM SIM card [10/10/19]

    Syria testcard "unknown" [08/10/19]

    Cameroun GSM SIM forerunnercard "D 900 Radiotelefonie" [08/10/19]

    Nauru remote memory card with Pin code [08/10/19]

    Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China GSM SIM card with writting in Chinese and Arabic, for more information to Xinjing see wikipedia [11/11/14]

    Austria GSM SIM testcard "E-Netz", forerunner of Post and A1 / Mobilkom Austria [16/09/14]

    Morocco, probably first official SIM card issued by the local operator O.N.P.T., exists also with plug-in chip module [04/01/14]

    Morocco, SIM card issued by for the GATT conference in Marrakech in 1994 [04/01/14]

    Alaska, SIM card issued by the local operator GCI, very difficult because sold only with a long-term contract including the phone with sim module inserted into the phone (source: Mr. Fossard, France) [09/10/13]

    Niue, first card seen on the web from Niue Telecom, type: recharge for mobile. Yes, they have a GSM network on Niue, although this small island in the South Pacific has just 1269 inhabitants, according to wikipedia [20/11/12]

    South Sudan, a new independent country since 9th July 2011: here one of its first phonecards, a SIM card issued by operator Zain [28/12/11]

    Germany Alcatel Bell magnetic card, closed-user-group - who else has this card? Are there existing other types also? [14/11/11]

    Tamura magnetic card from Northern Marianas (Saipan) which is not shown in MVcards catalogue: "Aqua Resort Club Saipan". [09/08/11]

    Interesting chipcard from East Azerbaijan, which is a province of Iran.It is in the northwest of the country, bordering Armenia and Azerbaijan. Its capital is Tabriz. Chipcard is issued by "Telecommunications Company of East Azarbayjan (TCEA)". [25/02/11]

    NORTH KOREA, genuine recharge card for mobiles from Koryolink, probably the first card shown on the web that is for use in this country (the North Korean chipcards with the trains were never used in North Korea as there were no cardphones installed...). Note: I had to render unrecognizable the pin code and the serial number on the scan of the card for security reasons and to protect the original buyer/user of this card. [05/07/10]

    French magstrip phonecard issued by Landis & Gyr, difficult. [05/07/10]

    Slovenian remote memory card with pin code (calling card), issued by Inco-Tel, discontinued after a very short period. The only remote memory card from Slovenia that I ever saw... [03/03/10]

    Rodriguez Islands (part of Mauritius), recharge card issued by Mauritius Telecom under the brand Cell-Oh! which operatates only on Rodriguez Island (for more info click: here) [21/02/10]

    Rwanda recharge card issued on occasion of the Pope´s visit [21/02/10]

    Very early Guinea Republic GSM SIM card with number, issued by Sotelgui under the brand "Lagui" [14/02/10]

    The first GSM SIM card used in the Blantyre area of Malawi, without number. Telekoms Networks Malawi Ltd went live in december 1995. In this time only the bigger cities Llongwe, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Zomba and Nkhota Kota were covered by the network. (source: Mr. Kragt, Netherlands) [13/02/10]

    Very early Cameroun GSM SIM card without number, mentioned (but not illustrated) by Peter Snow in his African Catalogue from 1999 (source: Mr. Kragt, Netherlands) [13/02/10]

    Publicarte with Bull chip and Cameroun Airlines advertising, from Telemediacartes, probably the first chipcard from Cameroun, similar to one used in Senegal for the Dakar Ralley (source: Mr. Kragt, Netherlands) [13/02/10]

    Very early and very first chipcard from Senegal: "Africabat" from Telemediacartes for the Dakar Ralley (source: Mr. Kragt, Netherlands) [13/02/10]

    Chipcard from the small company Portatel from Yucatan, Mexico [30/12/09]

    Venezuela Chipcard from the small company Telcel, first issue from the year 1996 [30/12/09]

    Mostly unknown 600units and 1500 units chipcards from Talafon, Nigeria, with beautiful pictures of animals [30/12/09]

    Mostly unknown 100G chipcard from Satcom, Nigeria, which were used in Nigeria South East Zone, where many Christians live. The chip phonecard division of Satcom company is bankrupt since some time. (source: Mr. Kragt, Netherlands) [30/12/09]

    Vatican samplecard by Urmet, chipcard, from 2002, the print run of the card illustrated is 5 ex. only!! (source: Mr. Matta, Italy) [23/10/09]

    Test-/Democard of the Brazilian induktive system for Telefonica Argentina [30/09/09]

    Austrialia, chipcard from private company "Pacific Payphones" with chip modul from Schlumberger [20/10/08]

    Guinea Bissau, first complete series of chipcards from this small West-African country! [05/08/08]

    Indonesia Landis & Gyr optical card, used in restricted area (conference in Jakarta in 1992), control number: 228A, extremely rare! (source: Mr. Knecht, France) [07/05/08]

    Lithuania test: chipcard by Solaic, unknown print run, rare! [04/10/07]

    Palestina test: chipcard by Solaic, unknown print run, rare! [04/10/07]

    Israeli testcard for use only in military area! [04/10/07]

    Israeli testcard for use only in the Sitrin College University! [04/10/07]

    Recharge card for GSM from Azad Jammu & Kashmir (meaning independent Jammu & Kashmir), autonomouse region close to Pakistan and India. Card issued by GSM provider SCOM. Picture showing landscape from Banjosa in AJK (=description on card)! [14/08/07]

    Scottish chipcard from BT Scotland, an interesting item for countries / region collectors! [22/02/07]

    Magnetic card for making phone calls via satelitte on airplanes of Royal Air Maroc, complimentary card from 1998, rarely seen (source: Mr. Fossard, France). [08/02/07]

    Very rare testcard from Alcatel Bell for China (source: Mr. Falk, Germany). [02/01/07]

    L&G service card from Canada, BC Cash Card, from 1993, control number: 310M, mostly unknown (source: MVcards). [06/11/06]

    Chipcard from Nepal "Sample", mostly unknown (source: MVcards). [06/11/06]

    Chipcard from Zambia "KLM airline advertisement", rarely seen. [26/07/06]

    Chipcard from Indian company Mahangar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), "Smart Card - Lifeline of Delhi and Mumbai", rarely seen. [22/06/06]

    Very rare internal chipcard from Serbia (ex autonom region Vojvodina), the words on the upper left corner say: "Interna Telefonska Kartica 300 impulsa", and below: "Robni Terminal D.D. "IMOS" SID". White reverse. [19/04/06]

    Landis & Gyr card from Bulgaria, quite unknown, too, dummy / specimen. [23/03/06]

    Anritsu card from Mexico, quite unknown (source: Mr. Fossard, France). [06/02/06]

    Landis & Gyr card from China, quite unknown, dummy / specimen from Cowitel company [06/02/06]

    Testcard from Austria for the chipcards used in trains [21/12/05]

    L&G demonstration cards for Vietnam (dummies) [21/12/05]

    Chipcards from Guam are new [10/08/05]

    Phonecard, chip type, for use on board of certain trains in Northern Ireland and Ireland. [28/07/05]

    GSM SIM card with chip for German soldiers in Kosovo, an interesting card from the year 1999 [26/07/05]

    Thailand Autelca system. A nice card that fits beautiful in a great collection! :-) [12/07/05]

    Remote memory cards from Anjouan Island (island ca. 100km south-east of Comores, belonging to Comores), issued by `Anjouan Phone +´ in 2002 . The company had to stop its activities after a few month. [04/04/05]

    Egypt Alcatel chip demonstation/test/trial [29/03/05]

    GSM SIM card from Tajikistan [26/07/04]

    Very rare and old GPT test/trial cards for Brazil, some of them even missing in MVcatalogue! [03/06/04]

    Test chipcard from Myanmar. [27/01/04]

    Old Anritsu/Tamura (?) magnetic card from Ohio, USA, rare. [20/08/03]

    GSM SIM card with chip from Greenland, there are no own phonecards used there so far, only GSM


    Mostly unknown magnetic card from Mexico, silver reverse [wanted!!]


    Turkmenistan PIN code card with Turkmen and US flag, seems to be issued for soldiers

    the first phonecard from Nepal, front & reverse illustrated


  • Austrian demonstration card with control number 004F, quantity: 10 - 25 ex., probably issued around 1990

  • Here are four trial cards of the D1 design for Austria.
    The first card is the earliest trial with code #071, (3 digits only means 1000 or less cards made). It is earlier than the first trial with the hole, maybe 1979/80.
    The second card is the public trial of which 7000(?) were made, each having a hole drilled in it in the same position.
    The third card is the same card, but prepared for a demo in Hungary. It is told only about 15 cards were prepared with the sticker covering the drilled hole of the D1.
    The 4 th card is a demo card with a 1.3mm band!! It is about 1983, with a 00 prefix of the demo cards, this was before the 1.5mm bands.
    (scans & information provided by Mr. Schuenemann, Australia)

    Saudi Arabia optical card by Landis & Gyr

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