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Monday, September 3, 2001


Okay, a lot of you have been asking, and finally the page is UPDATED!!! This is about the extent of it, for the moment. I just wanted everyone to see that I am doing something.

I moved in at college this morning...I was the first person here this morning. Was in front of the building at 6:30 AM, just waiting to pounce on the first RA I saw. Was all moved in at 8:30! Sweet. Course, the Jeep didn't come with me, because once I hooked the trailer to it, the lights went all haywire. After messing around with it for about two hours, we decided I'd leave the Jeep and take the van. Well, the van has a bad catalytic converter, but we had the new one, and the new muffler. Don't dare run it down the road with the bad converter, so we had to change it RIGHT THEN, before I could take it to school. This was Sunday afternoon, when I wanted to be down to school. Dammit. Finally, we got it all patched together, transferred the load from the trailer to the van, and I was rolling down the road.

Got on campus at 9:30 PM, and stayed with a friend on campus for the night. Got up 6:30 this morning and drove down to my dorm. The rest you know.

In case anyone was wondering about the Jeep, by the way, the list of repairs/mods this summer are as follows. New clutch, new input bearing in the transmission, twin-sticked my Dana 300, went thru tranny and t-case, replaced all seals and all that fun stuff, got my extended stainless steel brake lines (blew one out just last weekend), replaced the ENTIRE brake system, starting with a seized caliper and mushrooming into the entire system, built my new rear bumper (looks sweet, if I do say so myself), and got another full size spare, so I run two now, after my little tire puncture incident at the EMWF. Write-ups on all that to follow soon. Give me time.

Well okay, you're informed for the moment. Stay tuned for more!!

P.S. One more piece of news, most of you probably know already, but I have decided NOT to attend the Jeep Jamboree this October. Its a terrible thing, but I can't justify spending $250 to go on a trailride when I can go on one almost every month for next to nothing. Hope no one is dissapointed.