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September 5TH, 2004
1:46 AM

Well, school is coming in two days! Oh no!! I still have to do so many things! And tomorrow is the last day for me, since on Monday [Labour Day], I'm going out and stuff. AH!! WHAT RUSH!
Well, since school is going to start soon, it's not like I'm going to have tons of time to update my pages and stuff. It's a rare thing. Especially on this page. My AA Page is second least, and my LiveJournal would be the most updated.

My schedule is alright. I don't know what to hate of it. I don't get it when people say they "hate their schedule", because how can you hate it? It's just a schedule!
But oh my...I have a really bad and mean teacher for English. I AM GOING TO FAIL AND DIE. For me, failing = dying. So when I fail...I die. I was already so close to failing in grade 9 in English. Well according to me anyway. IT WAS BELOW 80s!!! That's like hell for me okay. Even 80s are considered bad for me! They're only acceptables. But below that is just not. I MUST DO GOOD IN ENGLISH BUT I KNOW IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. How sad.

Well it's late. I'll worry some more about this after I sleep and wake up. =\