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Aquariumworld Magazine
Issue #1 December 2002

Welcome to the Premiere Issue of Aquariumworld Magazine. The EMagazine based on everything aquatic.

More than 70% of the earth's surface is composed of water. Within our vast oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds lies a world all it's own, unique in every way. This world beneath fascinates us as a human race, and we are forever trying to understand it through exploration, research, and field studies. Alas, if the human race populates less than 30% of the earth's surface, the chances of us having met every creature beneath us is virtually impossible. Our limited capabilities leaves much of this territory undisturbed and undiscovered. To some extent we have been able to recreate the underwater world and bring it into our homes in the form of aquariums.

These glass and acrylic "boxes" allow us to get better acquainted with the creatures we already have the privilege to know exist out there. This list includes plants, fish, invertebrates, and even the microscopic organisms that complete the cycle of underwater life, along with reptiles and amphibians who rely on the water world habitat to survive. The focus of this online publication is all of the above, one at a time.

Here at Aquariumworld we respect the earth and ALL of it's creatures, even the ones we need a microscope to see. Some creatures are capable of living happy and healthy in a "pet" environment, others are not suitable as safe pets. Research into what makes a good pet/bad pet and why will be shared here, different creatures discussed each month. Please send in your questions, this helps me to choose a focus for each issue!

I dedicate this publication to my wonderful collection of pets, most orphans when I found them or they found me, and to a special alligator named Cookie. My inspirations are also my friends, coworkers, and customers, my children, and the wonderful Jack Hannah! has taken more than a year in the making, and it has grown tremendously. I am forever finding new things to write about, and seldom have the time to do a full scale "article" or research project on it. It also tends to follow my access to information along with spur of the moment finds. I plan to continue this as usual, as grows further. To compliment it, and to further assist my readers in accessing information, I have decided that we need a magazine all our own. Daily at the pet store I am asked simple questions, making me realize how many people out there really want help but just don't know who to ask, who to trust. I hope to bring to you resources that you can really use. I will spend time online shopping around for sites with good deals, and bring that here to you, too! If I think it can be of use to someone, I will bring it here to my issues of Aquariumworld Magazine, planned to be published bi-monthly, 6 issues each year. Printed versions will be available online, for the cost of printing and postage. With your help, maybe we can make this a real part of the magazine world, and get ourselves some notice on the shelves in pet stores world wide. If the demand is there, I will see to it that my magazine is, too. I plan to fill it with lots of color photos, mostly mine, but also those submitted will have their own place. I want to see what you're doing! I want to know about your special pets and how they have changed your life, both good and bad. So, welcome to the very first issue of Aquariumworld Magazine. Have fun and please leave me your comments!


Author Dawn Rudoll
Copyright 2002