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...thee bastard child of scrapheap formula
and vulnurability of eardrum... to a fortunate few
treacherous turmoil to deserving naysayers...

with the vaulting of 4 courageous minds depantsed,
& furthermore, -scattered, viruses
"hymn of attack" & "instrumental"
have acheived unleased status & hurdle onward to
thee frontlines of thee very non-negotiable
regime de amor pantslessness. unstoppable &
uncompromised in deed, until we are not... and,
just to fill you of the more-or-less questioning
sort in, -we still are.
and you? if not now, when?
seamrippers: all of you!

antipants! cell:

-dugantipants!- currently reinstated as tinkerer supreme a la predictaboard
-mantipants!- currently serving active duty in a leaky thinktank. project status: wet
-davantipants!- activly functioning as an undercover breadwinner sort in culty terrain
-calantipants!- recently depantsed after stint as combat bassist
-mikus of man-e-shorts! (duck corps reserve)- temporarily repantsed for undercover duty as
bassist for the western sky
-weller!- anxiously awaiting a rise to superstardom after a whole year's worth of downtime
-vincent!- quietly awaiting a new home

antipants is NO LONGER on theoretical vacation!
expect an more overt, antipantified attack on
the greater portland area sooner than later!
...and check us out on the
action studios release of FLEX YOUR SLED
-a compilation tape documenting maine's DIY hardcorepunk scene!
...or visit nonsvch! instead

write: antipants!
c/o nonsvch!
pobox 85
portland, maine