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Reiki Master

Past Life Review

Communicator with souls passed over

Applying her life with Spirit, Yanie Leaha Kyra is an intuitive teacher and healer. She brings her talents into her journey to assist people in their awareness and soul connection. As an intuitive, she has the ability to relate with an individual bringing light and focus to their life , present and future. One of her heartfelt joys is reaching higher dimensions, to bring messages from loved ones or friends, who have passed over.

Since childhood she has been aware of a link with the Angelic Realm. She has spent the last 15 years traveling extensively using the knowledge she has learned to assist people. Yanie links with your soul to share and bring truth in the moment.

Reiki, chakra balancing, sound vibrations, and past-present life patterning, are among the many methods used in her healing work. In group settings, she acts as a facilitator for meditation awareness and deeper inner personal growth. The sound of her "Spirit Songs" are heard at many gatherings and shared with Mother Earth at many sacred places. It is her joy to create this as well assist you with the aid of her guides. In light and love of unity "So be it".
(512) 451 - 2823
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