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My Friends

These are some pictures of a few of my most favorite people on the face of the Earth. A few very important people aren't here and that's not because I'm excluding them, it's because I simply don't have pictures to use. Feel free to send me some and I'll be happy to update.

Orlando, Summer of 2000

This is Tim, Me, Trevor, and Eddie, taken in our condo in Orlando, Florida during the Summer of 2000. We were getting ready to hit up either City Walk or Downtown Disney I think. The twin neons were in full effect from Richmond all the way to Orlando!

Orlando Again

Another picture from Orlando. This is Lynne, a friend of some friends that came to Orlando with me. She was a rockin' girl and we had a great time. We went to the fortune teller, laughed a LOT about ALK, AND she got her tongue pierced. If only I wasn't so white it would have been an awesome week!

Prom '99

Another picture of Ron. This one is here mainly b/c I liked my hair in this shot. Just kidding Ron, it's here because you're one of my best friends and this is one of my favorite pictures of us from high school.