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I have so often dreamed of You
and I long to see Your face
with these small brown eyes
and gaze upon the man
who has completely captivated my soul
I long to look deeply into Your eyes
and watch Your face illuminate
wishing just once I could perhaps
taste the sweetness of Your lips upon mine
or feel the warmth of Your body
lying underneath me
a perfect union
bodies conforming perfectly
pressing firmly flesh to flesh
smiling so softly upon the man I love
and telling Him alone
my deepest desires

~The Dance Begins~
From a distance You appear to me
saying to me "Fear not my sweet one,
for I am here"
"Take my hand and come with me my pet."
My heart races so, I fear it will
burst from deep inside me
I whisper softly.."yes, Master."
Your hand placed for the first time in mine
as though it had always belonged there
a perfect fit
W.we walk for awhile
letting only O.our hearts speak
and O.our smiles finally meet

W.we come upon O.our retreat
and before W.we go any farther
You blindfold me, saying,
"Do You trust me sweet pet?"
to which I reply, "yes Master, with all my heart."
knowing You could never hurt me
and although I can no longer see Your face
I know the smile is there beaming brightly
as You lead to O.our destination

The scent of the ocean's breeze fills the air
I can taste the salty granules upon my lips
and in the distance hear the sound
of seagulls cawing out their sweet song
You have taken me near the ocean...

Underneath the darkness of my blindfold
I see the flickering of candlelight
filling the voids of the room
with softness breaking the harse edges
and the image of a bed
appears in the distance
rose petals strewn all over it
"lilone W.we are here, You say,
are You still ok my pet?"
in a soft voice I reply,
"yes Master, i am just fine."
I feel my arms raise above me
hands now bound with silks straps
containing me to the bedpost
keeping me from Your reach

Tenderly and oh so delicately
you place soft butterfly kisses upon me
consuming my eyes, nose, cheeks,
lips and neck
I smell Your scent of manliness
arousing my very essence
The heat of O.our bodies build
as the flames of passion burn stronger
deep inside O.our souls
My body squirm underneath You
wanting so badly to touch You
arching my back to each stroke of Your hand
Your kissing moves lower
suckling my nipples into Your mouth
one at a time
biting and pulling firmly with Your teeth
while Your fingers play in
and around my moist mound
"Ooooooooooo Master" I moan,
never having felt such pleasure before
You tenderly kiss down my chest
lower and lower to my belly button
encircling it with Your tongue
My back arks and rises up to reach You
legs bent and raised slightly upwards
wanting so badly to have all of You
You spread my legs apart
with the touch of Your hand
feeling Your hot breath against my thighs
I quiver and moan once again
knowing what comes next
You begin sucking closer to my moistened mound
Your lips following down to where
juices flow for You alone to devour
the tip of You tongue rests
on my hood teasing my clit
then dipping deep inside my honey pot
"OoooooooooOOO Master" I cry louder.
"Soon my pet but not yet"
"yes Master", I reply,
my body responding to each touch
each stroke, each flick from You
I hold back the creaminess lingering
deep inside my folds
I feel You removed Your fingers
replacing them with Your stiff hot shaft
burried now deep inside me
thrusting harder and harder
I moan louder and louder
and suddenly, I'm released from my silks
and rolled on top of You
"Now my love" You whisper
as You remove my blindfold
"yes my Master" I reply
riding You slowly
up and down
rocking, moving side-to-side
"Cum for me now my lilone" You say
"Ooooooooooooooo Yes Master" I reply
milking the juices from inside You
I explode my sweet nectar all over You
feeling You join me
as W.we melt into each O.other
content as can be
and just as suddenly as the dance began
it reaches full circle
ending and letting the afterglow take over
Merry Christmas Master
I love You