Da FuCkALiCiOuS CaKe*S SiTe!

Welcome to my... Can somebody plz get this DAMN pig off me!? ">


What's up everybody?!
Nothing much here, I'm just chillin chillin!
I'm madd bored, so I decided to update my site again! Hee hee! Lucky u huh?! ;-)

Don't forget to sign ma G*BooK! ;) Thankiez! Lotsa smoochies for u! :)

Oh yah... before i forget...

if u dont like me, then click here please! I dont want any bitches messing up my site!

Anywayz, i gotta bounce, i'll talk to u guys lata! :)

Bubyez!! "waves"
Luv alwayz ~n~ CHoCKy 4eva,
Da QuEEn Of Da CaKeS! xxx

Whu-u-ut? I like people that breakdance! gosh!

Yeah? So? I like Dragon Ball Z too!

CheCK OuT Ma SiTe! (u only have to do *click click*)

~*!AbOuT DaT FuCkaLiCiOuS ThAnG!*~


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~*!SuM PiCtUreS!*~

~*!NaSTaY PiC!*~
Can't get enough of those pictures?! Well, here's a nasty one! hehe!! ;) ***!!!THIS IS NOT ME!!!***

~*!FReeSTyLeS, StOrIeS, PoEmS, SOngS, etc.!*~

SpEcIaL NoTe 4 SuM 1 (u kno who u r! hehe)

I YoU, BaBiE!!!!

This is a pic my bro, Sang, sent me. It loox like Duy and me with me holding the rose Duy gave me! :)

Hahahaha! I think this is sooooo cute! haha! I dunno why tho'... *cough* n/m...

Well, since my friend and I kinda f---ed up Peter's guestbook, ill give him a chance to f--- up mine!! LoL
Go ahead, Peter! Have fun! Knock urself out! LoL
****This doesn't mean u other ppl can't sign my G*BooK!****
Luv alwayz ~n~ 4eva,
Da CaKe! xxx

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This story is written by a gr8 friend of mine! she's actually living it! Go read it! It kicks ass!

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This site is new! Only for FUCKALICIOUS ppl! ;)
Dont get hooked like me!

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This site is temporarilly down, but she will have a new site coming up and I'll give u the addy when i have it! aight?!

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A gr8 friend of mine used to be in this band. So don't talk shit aight?

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This is her first site so, be patient! LoL

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The owner of this website is my bestest friend, so if u talk shit, i'll kick ur fat ass! got it?!

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Sowwy!!! This site is dutch! But the lay-out is gr8 tho'!

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