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Welcome To Hui's Chinese Food Delivery in Los Angeles

    Call (562)412-0954 To Place an Order
        For the best chinese food delivery to your house and office at the Lowest Price within 15 miles of Cerritos. (CASH ONLY)($15.00 Minimum)
Let's Check Out Our Menu
    Lunch Special Only $4.99 (Two items from the a la Carte below and choice of fried rice/chow mein/steam rice,egg roll or sesame ball)
    Dinner Special Only $6.99 (Two items from the a la Carte and choice of fried rice/chow mein/steam rice, a choice of soup, and eggroll.
    1. Miso Soup $1.25
    2. Seafood and Tofu Soup $1.25
    1. Egg Roll(3) $2.50
    2. Tempura Vegetable $2.99
    3. Tempura Shrimps(6)$3.99
    4. California Rolls(6)$3.49

      Rice & Noodle
    1. Vegetable Fried Rice $3.50
    2. Vegetable Chow Mein $3.50
    3. Singapore Styled Noodle $7.50
    4. Beef Chow Fun $7.50
      A La Carte
    1. Mixed Vegetables (Buddha's Feast) $6.95
    2. Sauteed String Beans w/Garlic $6.50
    3. Spicy Eggplant $6.50
    4. Chinese Broccoli with Osyter Sauce $5.50
    5. Beef with Broccoli $7.95
    6. Salt and Pepper Pork Chops 7.95
    7. Sweet and Sour Pork $7.95
    8. Terriyaki Chicken $7.50
    9. Kung Pao Chicken $7.50
    10. Chicken in Black Bean Sauce $7.50
    11. Squid with Vegetable $8.95
    12. Salt and Pepper Shrimp $11.50
    13. Green Mussels in Mayonaise Sauce $10.95

    1. Sesame Ball w/lotus seed(3) $1.75
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    If you have any questions or if you want to place an order for the next day.

    Our food is provided by 123 Buffet located at 11818 South St #108, Cerritos, CA, U.S.A.

    Thank you for your visiting and ordering, Come Back soon!