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One Represents:

Singularity, unity, the source, self and wholeness.

Two Represents:

Duality, partnership and balance.

Three Represents:

Triune nature, symmetry and centering.

Four Represents:

Earth, ambition, finances, victory and foundations.

Five Represents:

Intuition, flexibility and alertness.

Six Represents:

Protection, completion and faithfulness.

Seven Represents:

Goddess aspect, the moon, perspective and fulfillment.

Eight Represents:

Leadership, change and energy.

Nine Represents:

Assistance and principles.

Ten Represents:

Logic, wisdom and judgment.

Your most important number is your birth number. This is calculated by adding up the numbers of your date of

birth. For example, if you are born on June 11, 1952, add 6 (because June is the sixth month) +1+1+1+9+5+2, which

gives 25. Then add 2+5, giving 7. Number 7 is therefore your birth number. This number is of course

unchangeable, and it shows the numerical influence at birth. By looking up the meanings ascribed to 7, you can

find your natural characteristics and basic personality traits.

Number 1 stands for the Sun, and all that is strong, individual, and creative. Number 1 people are born leaders; they

are ambitious and active, and often dominant and aggressive. This is a powerful number, and it augurs success. It

is the number of innovators, leaders, and winners - but also of tyrants! Number 1 people can be very self-centered,

ruthless, and stubborn if crossed, and their chosen career or activity will probably receive more energy and attention

than their personal relationships. Sunday is the day associated with the Sun and with the number 1.

The Moon, and Monday, are associated with the number 2. Number 2 people are more gentle, passive, and artistic

than the stronger number 1 characters. Number 2s are more geared to thought than to action, and although they are

inventive, they will be less forceful in carrying out their plans. They are likely to have charm and powers of

intuition, but they may suffer from a lack of self-confidence. Number 2 people can be changeable - perhaps even

deceitful - and may be over sensitive and depressive. Number 2 people get on well with their opposites, the number

1 people.

Energetic, disciplined, talented, Number 3 people often achieve success in their chosen fields. In fact, they are

seldom satisfied with less, as they are conscientious, very proud and independent, and they love to be in control.

They may be too fond of telling other people what to do, but they have many good qualities. A superficial show may

hide considerable spirituality, since 3 is the number of the Trinity. Number 3 people have good relationships with

other 3s, and those born under 6 and 9. Jupiter is the planet of this number, and Thursday is the luckiest day for

Number 3 people.

Number 4 - number of the seasons, the elements, the points of a compass - is oriented to the earth, and its people

may be steady and practical, with great endurance. Yet number 4 - the square - contains its own opposite, and

Number 4 people often see everything from the opposite point of view, making them rebellious and unconventional.

They are seldom interested in material things. Making friends is hard for 4s, and they may feel isolated. People

whose numbers are 1, 2, 7, and 8 are the best friends or partners for 4s. Number 4 is associated with the planet

Uranus, and with Sunday.

Number 5 - the number of the senses - symbolizes the planet Mercury, and people born under this number are

mercurial in all their characteristics. Lively, sensual, pleasure seeking, impulsive, quick-thinking and quick-

tempered, these highly-strung Number 5 people may have trouble with their nerves. They are good at making

money, especially by risk or speculation, they bounce back easily from any failure. They make friends easily with

people born under any other number, but close friends will probably be fellow number 5s. Wednesday is the luckiest

day for the quicksilver Number 5.

A "perfect" number because it is the sum of its factors (1,2,3), 6 is balanced and harmonious, and is associated with

family love and domesticity. Number 6 people are very reliable and trustworthy, but they may also be obstinate.

Their planet, Venus, governs devotion in love, but number 6 people are romantic rather than sensual. They have a

great love of beauty; they are usually attractive and have a greater ability to make friends than any other number.

Despite a hatred of any sort of discord, they can be obstinate fighters. Their luckiest day is Friday.

Number 7 is thought to have occult significance, and people born under its influence often have a strongly

philosophical or spiritual outlook - they are not usually interested in material things. They may be highly intuitive,

even psychic. Number 7 people often exert a mysterious influence over others, but may also have a tendency to

become too introverted. They are original thinkers, and have the luck associated with their number. Their planet is

Neptune, which is associated with water, and Number 7 people often have a restless love of travel and of the sea.

Monday is their luckiest day.

Number 8 is a strange, difficult number. It is twice 4, and so incorporates the rebellious contradictions of that

number. Number 8 may mean sorrow, yet it is also associated with worldly success. Number 8 people have great

willpower and individuality, but they may appear cold. In fact they have deep and intense feelings, and are often

misunderstood by others. Their planet is Saturn, and Saturday is their most important day.

Number 9 is sometimes considered the ultimate number, with special or even sacred significance. When multiplied

by any number, it reproduces itself (e.g. 3x9=27, 2+7=9). Number 9 symbolizes the planet Mars, and its people are

fighters - active and determined, they usually succeed after a struggle, but they are also prone to accident and injury,

and may be quarrelsome. But at its best, number 9 will influence the highest qualities of courage and brotherly love.

Number 9 people should try to carry out their plans on Tuesday, the day governed by their planet, Mars.

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