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Black Bannishing, Crone magick, Mourning, Loss, Meditaton, Feminine Devine, Absorbing and bannishing negativity, Sahmain
Blue Peace, Healing, Tranquility, Truth, Sleep, Prophetic Dreams, Physical Protection, Hope
Brown Animal Magick, Home, Locate lost object, Grounding
Gold Solar Deities, Honor Gods
Grey Neutral
Green Beauty, Employment, Fertility, Healing, Success, Good luck, Prosperity, Money, Revigoration, Masculin Devine
Orange Creativity, Attraction, Stimulate energy, Legal matters, Success, New home, Sahmain, Intelligence, Mental Clarity
Pink Love, Honor, Friendship, Fidelity, Femininity
Purple Psychic ability, Wisdom, Spirituality, Success, Independence, Spiritual growth, Power, Healing, Feminin Devine
Red Lust, Strength, Courage, Power, Health, Energy, Vitality, Love, Nagnolism, Will power
Silver Remove negativity, Encourage stability, Psychic protection, Honor Goddess, Telepathy, Clairvoyance
White Meditation, Healing, Truth, Peace, Spiritual strength, Lunar magick, Purity, Protection, Happiness, Masculin devine
Yellow Charm, Cinfidence, Attraction, Wisdom, Visions, Psychic powers, Mental powers, New home

Sunday is ruled by the Sun... use Yelow, Orange,and Red candles on this day.

Monday is ruled by the Moon... use white,and silver candles on this day.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars... use Red on this day.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury... use purple on this day.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter... use Bule on this day.

Friday is ruled by Venus... use Green,or Pink on this day.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn... use Black on this day.

Making hand dipped candles You need to obtain the following supplies 2-4 pounds of Paraffin Wax(the kind used in canning) or beeswax (which is usually expensive). Candle wick (available at most hobby and craft stores, oils and herbs (for scent and magickal goals) Candle dye (also expensive) or crayons (for color) wax paper a wooden spoon a double broiler. LET'S GET STARTED..... Begin by melting the wax in a double broiler. If you don't have one, you can use a large pot filled half full of water and a large coffee tin with the wax in it, sitting inside the pot. Heat the water to boiling first and cut up your wax so it will melt quickly. Once the water is boiling, turn the heat down and place the tin of wax inside of it Keep the water hot enough to keep the wax melted but not so hot that the paraffin catches fire (which it has been known to do over high heat). THEN.... While the wax to melting, stir with a wooden spoon (never use metal) & make sure it all is completely melted. Also, while the wax is melting, mix the herbs (if more than one) in a small bowl. After the wax is completely melted and been checked, break the crayons up and put them into the wax. Keep stirring until all of the crayons have melted and the color is even and smooth, with no streaks. Keep in mind that the candle will be a shade or so lighter when dry. The more crayons - the deeper and richer the color, so experiment and most of all have fun with it. NEXT........ add the herbs to the wax. Empower with your energy and magickal intention while mixing the wax. Stir with the wooden spoon until it is thoroughly mixed. Next add 10-20 drops of essential oil (please, no synthetics when making candles for magickal or ritual use - they can smell like burning hair --- very very badly -use the real stuff ) Add to the wax until it smells strongly of the fragrance intended. Now your wax is ready! NOW COMES THE DIPPING! Start with a long piece of wick - twice the size of your desired candle length plus 3 inches (you will be making 2 candles at once). Bend the wick in the middle and hold it by the bend. Dip the wick into the wax and then lift back out. Getting started is the hardest because the wick will float on top of the wax until it has enough wax on it to weigh it down. Allow it to get completely cold between dippings when you first start. After your candle has started to take shape can speed up the process a little. I keep a pan of cool water nearby and dip the candles in the water after each dipping in the wax. While this speeds up the process a little, candle making is a slow process but very well worth the time and energy you put into it. Keep dipping the candles and allowing them to cool & then dip again. When you have achieved the proper size, hang them to dry until the wax has set but the candles aren't too hard. Then roll them on the wax paper to smooth out the shape. Once the candle shape is too you’r liking, dip 1 or 2 more times to make sure your candle is smooth. Trim off any excess wax to make a bottom with a sharp knife. Cut the wick and hang your candles to dry. You are done!

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