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Wiccan Web Moons

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Wiccan Web

Wolf Moon January
Storm Moon February
Chaste Moon March
Seed Moon April
Hare Moon May
Dyad (pair) Moon June
Mead Moon July
Wyrt (green plant) Moon August
Barley Moon September
Blood Moon October
Snow Moon November
Oak Moon December
Blue Moon (variable)
Dark Moon ( 2nd new moon of a month)

Waxing Moon - "Waxing to Full is the time to cast invoking spells that draw situations to you." Perform healing rituals, positive magick, and spells that increase love, good luck, growth of any kind, sexual desire, and wealth. Full Moon - "The Full Moon is the time to focus on the culmination of spells cast during the Waxing phase; it provides the strongest power for invocation." Increases the powers of ESP, and is the proper time to perform lunar goddess invocations, fertility rites, transformations, spirit conjurations, and spells that increase psychic abilities and prophetic dreams.

Blue Moon - "Any time a single month has two full moons in it, the second full moon is referred to as a Blue Moon. This moon is considered stronger than a regular full moon."

Waning Moon - "Waning to New is the time to banish and release things from your life and to devoke (to take apart or let go of)." This is the proper time to perform destructive magick and spells that remove curses hexes, jinxes, end bad relationships, reverse love addictions and aphrodisiacs, break bad habits and unhealthy addictions, undo negative influences, and decrease fevers and pains.

New Moon - "The New Moon is the time to examine hidden issues; to plan for new beginnings and ferret out secrets." Cast purification spells.

Black Moon - "Any time two new moons occur during a single month, the second new moon is referred to as the Black Moon and is considered to be stronger than the regular new moon."

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