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Please Pray for

Dr. Harry Fletcher

Serving Christ


Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Here is part of a letter to the individuals who signed up to receive his prayer/information letter while at Living Waters Bible Conference.
July 19,1999
Perhaps you heard that on February 28 I resigned as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Weymouth, effective October 1,1999, in order to accept the newly-created postion of Vice President of Chaplains/International Minisytries with the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry (GNJPM) whose international headquaters are in Richmond, Virginia. Of all the prison ministries making an impact on the world today, only GNJPM was included in the article "100 Things the Church In Doing Right" which was published in the Novebmber 17, 1997 issue of Chrisitanity Today. Since 1961, GNJPM has set the standard for professionalism in chaplaincy. They reciive no tax dollars and rely upon the Lord to supply the funds and volunteers through the various churches in the community.
My responsibilities will be focused in three areas. First, I will oversee our chaplains and families, second, I will be responsible for expanding and giving oversight to our international ministries, and third, I will continue my teaching/precching ministry at places like Living Waters Bible Conference. Like any missionary I am responsible for raising my personal support and expenses. This is the primary reason I am writing you. First of all, it is my prayer that the Lord might be pleased to raise up a host of individuals who will be our prayer partners. Secondly, I am asking the Lord to lead the individuals of His choosing to become our financial supporters as we unite our efforts to reach men and women behind prison bars. I am asking God to touch the hearts of those He would want to support us. We especially need those who will become monthly supporters of our ministry. While there are many methods to raising finances, I feel most comfortable with the saying Make the needs known, and pray about it. I believe with all my heart that God alone will form my parnership team so truly it can be said we are laborers together with God.

The May Prayer letter I believe.

Dear Friends,
Here is a brief summary of the wonderful ministries in which the Lord has allowed me to participate these past two months. It was a special delight to minister at The Herman W. Fletcher Memorial Prayer Breakfast in Annapolic, MD. Many government officials supporters of the local ministry, all my siblings and their spouses, and most important, Hermans's widow Bobby, thrie children and grandchildren were present. I visited several of our chaplains in Massachusetts, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. A year ago we had 3 chaplains in Colorado- we now have 12, and the Department of Corrections have asked us for 8 more! I spoke in several churches, ministreed in our GNJP. Chaplains Training School in Bristol, TN, and taught Practical Pastoral Theology for the 21st Century at Lancaster Bible College Grad School.
The highlight of January-February ministry was the two-week trip to India. Thank you so much for praying as I am delighted to report that all goals and objectives were realized. God opened so many doors of opportunity for me and I want to summarize just a few of them. I believe with all my heart that these opportunities in February as well as the ones before us are a direct result of the prayers of God's faithful people. Thank you so much for praying.
The purpose of the trip was two-fold: (1) the primary purpose was to visit Mithra and Dayamani Satulure, our GNJPM Chaplains, and formulate a plan for the expansion of prison minisstry in India, and (2) to teach in the Pastor's School directed by Samuel Paulson, Pioneers. It was a special joy to teach in that school with my brother John, Senior Pastor of Faith Bible Church, Sterling, VA. I toured and spoke in four prison, two juvenile detention centers, a children's home for children of parents who are incarcerated, a local church, a college/career age convention as well as teaching threee days in the Bible School. There were many visible responses to the preaching of the Gospe., and God alone knows the decisions made for His glory.
I am trusting God to give us twenty national chaplains in Indai by January, 2002. Pleas pray for the Lord's will to be done. I am also working with the appropraate people to expand our ministry in Latvia and Nigeria as well as opening up new ministries in Estonia (April-2000), Siberia, Ukraine, Uganda, Italy and Croatia. There is so much to do and so little time in which to do it. Yet, I realize that the Lord gives us all the time and resources we need to accoplish His perfect will. Than you do much for standing with me and Muriel. Your financial and prayer support means so much to us. Indeed, we are blessed with wonderful friends. and churches. Blessings!
In our wonderful Lord,

Harry E. Fletcher, D. Min.
Vice President - Ministy


August, 2000 Prayer Letter

The Psalmist exclaimes, O sing to the Lord a new song! For He has done marvelous things. (Psalm 98: 1a) It would be impossible for me to communicate the joy Muriel and I have experienced in ministry these last three months. We praise the Lord for His protection during this time as we have traveled over 20,000 miles here in the USA. It is such a privilege to see inmates and correctional staff who have trusted Christ as Savior through the witness of our faithful chaplains in New Mexico, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and most recently Colorado.
Colorado is such a unique ministry that God has given GNJPM. In 1997, the State of Colorado eliminated all state paid Chaplains in their prisons. This opened the door for GNJPM, the world's largest supplier of correctional chaplains, to respond to an urtgent need. At the present time we have fourteen (14) chaplains in the Colorado prisons and penitentiaries, and the Department of Corrections has asked us for eight more chaplains.
Muriel and I returned from visiting all of our Colorado Chaplains on July 20. I could write pages on the testimonies I heard form the inmates and the correctional staff. A Major at one institution testified with tears in his eyes of the time he was going through a very painful time in life, and the GNJPM Chaplain ministered to him and led him to Christ. This man is now an active member of a local church, and a vibrant witness for Christ in the prison. I visited with an inmate who is in isolation and serving a life term for multiple murders. Another GNJPM Chaplain led this man to Christ over a year ago, and his transformation has been a testimony to the staff. He is dying with a brain tumor, and I had the privilege to hold his had and pray with hinm in the confidence of John 11:25-26. After I prayed for him, this inmate then prayed fervently for me, my family and ministry. A young lady brought tears to my eyes as she had just delivered her baby in prison the day before and now the State had begun the process to place the baby under Social Services. The GNJPM Chaplain led this women to Christ just three days earlier, and already with tears, in her eyes, she told us how she knew the Lord was faithful and sovereign and would make no mistakes. My friends, I could go on and on with testimonies such as these, and Yet I would only be scratching the surface.
Thank you so much for standing with is financially and prayerfully. I have just finished nine months of ministry with GNJPM, and I have never been more fulfilled and blessed in ministry in all my life. Please pray especially for the upcoming trip to Estonia, September 10-17. I am taking Cam Abell, GNJPM Director fo Trainiong and Education, with me to Tallinn, Estonia. For the first two days, we will train our 10 new Estonian Chaplains and 3 new Latvian Chaplains I appointed back in April 2000. Then the last part of the week, all the Latvian Chaplains (16) will join our Estonian Chaplains (10) for a time of discipleship training. What a privilege! Muriel and I are so grateful to God for His many manifold blessings and for the ministry each of you bring to us.