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"The Undivided" Universe

I believe James Ellison and Blair Sandburg are a "type". I use that word to mean they follow after a pattern, in this case, the pattern of David and Jonathan. You can find their story, what there is of it, in the books of First and Second Samuel of the Old Testament, or you can use the link provided above. I'll let you work the implications out for yourself.

Stories in "The Undivided" Trilogy

"Variations on a Theme"

    852 Prospect
    Answering Machine
    '69 Ford
    Bagel Shoppe
    Echo Lake Interlude
    Rallying the Forces -
    Once For Who You Were - New! 02/14/00

    Strategy Sessions - Coming Soon!
    Once For Who Are - Coming Soon!

    Strike Forces - Not Yet Available!
    Once For Who You Will Be - Not Yet Available!

    Offensive Forces - Not Yet Available!
    Covenant - Not Yet Available!

    Retaliation - Not Yet Available!

    United Front - Not Yet Available!

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