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Welcome to Rene and Melissa's Family Web Page

              Melissa and I have added a few new things to our website. We have added the flash movie down below and a few more pictures.   In the movie, I have also added "Did you know..." questions to enlighten your mind a little.  That way you can learn a little while on this site.  Movie starts off with a question and then a picture.  After every picture there is a question so be prepared to read.  You have to read pretty quickly.   If you miss it or not a quick reader right click on your mouse in the movie and uncheck play it will pause, then when your finished reading check it again and it will start playing again.  The show is approximately 6 minutes long so sit back, hit the green button (when it shows)and relax for a minute or 6.  

          We  have the same pictures we had before and some of the new ones through out our web page also. If I am on you can usually chat with me on AIM ( Please, as usual, scroll to the bottom and click on book and sign guest book.  Tell me what you think.   After the movie scroll over to some of the links that are posted at the bottom.  There are a couple of websites that I made for my family so you can look at them. I have also added my resume (if your looking to hire a System Analyst or Telecommunication Engineer).




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Wizard's Lair

Shoot em' up game



Family Links

My resume

My mothers page

This is Alex's page

Our newest addition

My sister's page

My aunt's page


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