Snow Falls Across Memory Plains

Snowfalls across the sky
I canít help but remember the time
I rode alone for hours
Just for you could have a friend
I didnít know for sure
How things would begin or end
All I could even think about
Is laying there with you in bed
Together and in love

Snowfalls to the ground
I still remember our first time
We laid there together
I thought we were in love
You wanted to give yourself
But wasnít able
I didnít care thou
I told you it be ok
Just lay there with me
And whisper my name

The snow has begin to stick
And I recall the moment I had to leave
After a near crash
I started to slowly cry
I loved you so much
But I had no choice but to say goodbye
I stepped on the bus, and I closed my eyes

The roads are becoming hard to see
As the thoughts of how I loved you
Come flooding back into my mind
And how I felt betrayed
When I stepped back into my home
You said you didnít love me
Not in that special way
I lashed out and we became estranged

The roads are gone now
Given way to the wants of the snow
My memories have resurfaced
To remind me how I once was loved the girl

written by: Luke Abshier