A New Year

The darkness now,
draws to near.
Empty and cold as if it were here.
The age has come,
a whole new year.
Try as they might,
it cannot be stopped.
The countdown has begun,
the ball has dropped.
When it hit the ground,
it shattered and popped.

They crystal is cracked,
the glass is shattered.
Should we fix it?
Why even bother?
It is not as if it ever mattered.
Empty and dark,
dark and cold,
the souls of a woman
just been battered.
Old and crazy like the man in the sea,
to determined to stop,
to determined to see.

The cradle has fallen.
The cradle has cracked.
The baby falls out,
his back is whacked.
To bad!
It is broken in two,
and it could have been you,
or should have.

The bed is unmade,
and now it’s cold!
Dare someone be so bold?
He has done it again,
he caught a cold.
Don’t worry is what he was told,
But then again,
he was just to old.

He turned his way against the faith.
the blood ran up.
‘Here and Now drink from the cup’!
He gave in and the blood he swallowed.
Now he knows what is to be followed…

The void has now come, old and hallowed.