Crazed cries of broken shores.
The tide crashes to settle scores,
so when it rains on oasis cores,
so it is said it soaks in shores.

Sliced by ribbons;
blood shall flow,
drops of tears losing glow.
The soul when goes is much to slow;
ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,
is how we blow.

Take Me Now
I cry some how;
down on knees with head a bow.

Abrasions by mouth,
terrible words that should not be said.
Didnít you think to use your head?
Escape come only when lain in bed;
peace comes only when sane and dead.

So peace by ribbons finds escape,
from terrors of any,
even rape.
The curtain calls in shroud and drape.
I beg to ribbons to come and scrape!

Hearts are broken and feel rejected,
but in this world itís to be expected;
for no one here is ever respected.
All get shut out, slammed and ejected!