Where we are
Drifting silently in the dark
Set motionless with our closed eyes

Where are you
Beyond my skies
With your small mind
Your naive thoughts
Freeing your eyes with the experience of life
Losing your Freedom with the knowledge of loss

I can see you floating through the eb and flow of my life
Just out of reach from my fingertips
Our lives rushing ahead like a river
Falling forward endlessly into age
Fighting the current just to lose the ground we had

We were always the ones that wanted to play
Always seeking each other out
Never wanting to say the words
Never wanting to be the one to lose

My black fingernails scraping across your desire
Your soft lips speaking the secrets of my soul

In our eyes
When we've lost our lives to the snakes and tides
Our eternal cries echoing through our minds

Here we are
Staring at each other
Your thoughts
My thoughts
One in the same
Torn between difference
Torn between want
Twisted with lust
Tortured with past

Here I am
Tie me up in your pain
Tie me up in your heart