Once Adored

To lick and taste your body complete,
its your flesh I aim to keep.
Against my skin, inside my flesh,
Its your hardness I do request.
The Darker rapture I adore,
For, my love, I am your whore.
As you drive deep inside,
my body quivers from every glide.
Kisses of passion weave the moment,
It is the subtlties of what grows potent.
As the wounds become inflicted,
screams of passion are predicted.
The haze of lust covers our souls,
as we begin to lose control.
Flesh to flesh, blood intwined,
Our staisfaction is not denied.
Ritual instincts take the scene,
control the essence of that unseen.
Guardians protect the souls abound,
for our darkness shall not be found.
In your arms I shall lay,
within the circle of our protected ways.
As we part forevermore,
I shall always remain what you once adored....

~ vampiress_clarissa ~