Found In The Dark

you found me huddled
in the dark
draped your light on me
pulling me from my hiding place
twisting me into view while i screamed bloody murder
now im trapped inbetween
hiding and hurting
i've had no where to run to
i've had no one to tell

i've got ghosts haunting my head
i've got killers stalking my closets
as i sit trembling
waiting for them to stab me
to rip me
to painfully tear me apart

You are my poet
your singing your songs
while i sit wrapped in your light

you say your a beast
so when are you going to tear out my heart
while you hungrily lick me and lovingly prick me
as my heart plays the vampire
sucking you dry

you found me in the dark
hiding away from the world
you snuck up and snatched me
carefully bound me
and now i can only wait to see if the pain will start
walking that line between hoping and hurting