Making My Shopping List

Making my shopping list-
while he fucks me.
His touch has changed,his kiss is different.
Just going through the motions.
The darkness hides my disintrest,
My face would show it all to well.
Feeling like a two bit whore
Faking it for every salior that passes through.
Its a chore to me-
pleasing him.
Numbness bleeds a new wound.
Getting it over with, is the thought of the day.
With every pretend moan and groan
his touch sickens me.
My mind reels with thoughts,
Images, you, things to do when I'm dead.
There's no more injoyment in this for me.
It died along time ago.
I feel dirty.
Want to wash away the act.
Can't seem to get clean enough-
Etch off the layers of disgust.
His hands does nothing but nauseate me.
No sensations, no orgasms
No desire to fuck him back.
Making my shopping list-
while he fucks me.

(c)2002 xSheRidesx